Known/Unknown: Contact Improv and Ki Energy intensive

Sun Sep 24 2023 at 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Dovercourt House | Toronto

Colours in Contact
Publisher/HostColours in Contact
Known\/Unknown: Contact Improv and Ki Energy intensive
Unearth the roots of Contact Improv through Aikido with Dimitri Haddad and Pablo Perez, deepen your awareness and find more meaning in dance
About this Event


Known unknown is a guided contact improvisation lab that explores lifts and release while drawing parallels to the binomial form of Aikido and the philosophy of Ki. Through the harmonious interplay of known techniques and unknown possibilities, participants will explore grounding techniques while engaging in dynamic momentum. The embodiment of Ki proposes an activation of the pelvis as an information radiator for our Kinesthetic awareness. Together with the participants, Dimitri will deconstruct Aikido theories and concepts to give shape to the unknown while harnessing the risks associated with it. Pablo offers his knowledge of the body, increasing awareness, and ease moment to moment in the dance form as we practice these new skills. Soften and strengthen the body moment by moment, deepening your awareness and ability to sense opportunities as they arise in every second.


Intensive schedule

- 2:15pm Doors open

- 2:30pm Opening Circle

- 2:40pm Known Unknown Intensive lead by Dimitri Haddad and Pablo Perez

- 5:15pm Closing circle

Location: Dovercourt House at 805 Dovercourt rd. 3rd floor

Parking: Free parking available along neighbouring streets

Cost: $50-$70 sliding scale (payment through ticket link, cash or e-transfer at [email protected])

This event is focused more on advanced CI dancers

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ABOUT CONTACT IMPROV: Contact Improvisation (CI) is a partner/solo/group-improvised dance style developed in 1972 by Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith, heavily influenced by Aikido and Modern dance. Due to the open-ended nature of the dance, each new dancer can add to this pot of creativity. This has lead to various influences weaving in and out of the form. Some of those influences include but are not limited to Tango, Zen, Zouk, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Qi Gong, Capoeira, Ballroom, Salsa and the list goes on. This is the beauty of CI: it can offer such an open fertile ground for exploration in expression and movement. Your voice in this dance is what will drive the creative freedom possible at Colours in Contact.


About Dimitri Haddad:

I am Dimitri, a multidisciplinary artist working with mediums including research, photography, installations and movement. In contrast to my academic visual art background, my movement practice is a combination of my experiences in Aikido, dance and contact improvisation. It is the means through which I channel my connection to the world, to others and to myself.

About Pablo Perez:

Pablo Perez's family immigrated to Toronto from Guatemala in the early 80's. For how small Guatemala is compared to other countries, he has always valued the small pockets of familiar warmth in Toronto. Fostering space where people of all walks of life can feel welcome is something Pablo is deeply passionate about.

Pablo has always had a passion for creativity, expression, and connection. Whether exploring structure through lego or the shared structures of the body, there has always been an element of playful open curiosity that is fostered throughout life. In terms of exploring the architecture of the mind over the past 16 years, Meditation has always been a guiding force. In body over the past 15 years: movement exploration through authentic movement, Muay Thai, Thai Chi, Yoga, Salsa, Tango, Hip Hop, Zouk, Fusion Dance, and Contact Improv have all impacted the way he approaches the creative medium of the body. At Colours in Contact, you are sure to be invited and guided by Pablo Perez to explore what movement, dance, connection, expression, and care can mean for you. This exploration will be felt together in shared space with other dancers, with the room, and most importantly, with yourself.



- Please refrain from attending the jam if you are feeling unwell.

- Since Colours in Contact jams involve a rolling point of contact and sliding, clothing that have zippers and buttons as well as jewellery are not permitted. Sleeveless shirts, shorts, skirts and slippery clothing are also not recommended.

- Only non-glass water bottles are allowed in the studio as we dance barefoot.

- Please avoid wearing perfumes or scented body care products in consideration for people with chemical sensitivities.

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Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt rd., Toronto, Canada


CAD 50.00 to CAD 70.00

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