Kick It Live! 2023 Tampa

Sat Oct 07 2023 at 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

The Westin Tampa Bay | Tampa

Andy Martha
Publisher/HostAndy Martha
Kick It Live! 2023 Tampa Kick streaming community, let's get together in Tampa and have a ball!
About this Event

Are you a live streamer/content creator on Kick and wish to meet other streamers and your community?

Do you stream on Twitch mostly but stream on Kick on the side?

Do you wish to meet your favorite Kick live streamer/content creator and others in the community?

If any of the above and you are in or near Tampa Florida on Saturday October 7, come on by the Westin Hotel and meet others interested in Kick!

Come and leave as you please. 18+ age recommended please.


Official info will be updated on: live question answering from 6PM-6:30PM EST Mon-Fri

Social Media Hashtag: #KickItLive2023

An official guest list will not be announced to protect streamer privacy. However, if you would like for us to feature your channel here or on social media, you are welcome to do so.


Schedule (as of 9-15):

8AM - 3PM: hackathon, speakers, community meetups

3PM - ?: dinner together, then your choice


We would like to help organize some sort of smaller, local, formal event rather than a million "There should be a KickCon" posts on social media. The amount of people who sign up will help us determine what size of room to rent (if any), if we should buy food and drinks for people and how much, how much security and what type people need, and what people want from it.

Don't fly half way around the world to attend this. However, if you are in the state or region, we could use your help and presence here! If you would like to help, please ask us on social media provided above.

This is currently not run by Stake/Kick but we welcome their assistance if asked. If there are other "KickCon"s, that is fine, this event is not "way better than TwitchCon and E3 put together." Our goal is to make it less prententious and more down to earth for the average streamer. The goal is a creator and 3rd party run event for creators and 3rd party businesses/services interested in Kick and the future of live-streaming, not a marketing run advertisement for general hype.

This is NOT just for Kick only streamers. This is also for multi-streamers, re-streamers, back-up streamers or those dipping their toe into different video services and asking questions.

This event has no relation to gambling and here is our policy on that: if you are under 18 or know you have a problem with gambling, you should not gamble. Otherwise, take it up with Stake, its not our problem.

This event has no relation to politics or any political party or class.

This is a meetup for streamers and their community on the Kick media platform. It doesn't matter to us if you play Valorant, Just Chatting, Casinos, have an OnlyFans, have a religious channel, travel, play music, are a moderator, do graphics and emojis...As long as you represent yourself as professional and respectful of others at this event, you are welcome.

Meet other streamers on Kick and talk openly and freely about platforms, content creation life, the current industry, your struggles and the future of streaming. Connect with developers or service providers for channel ideas you may have. Talk with like-minds on payouts, branding, and what's on your mind over a drink. Or just kick it with the homies!

Wear your Kick merch to this! We will be wearing ours at the event.


If Florida is not near you, this event will be happening in Texas, Las Vegas, and North Carolina in 2023 so keep your ears open if one of those places is closer to you instead.


You must RSVP on here to come to this event. This is so we know if 10 Kick family are attending or 1000, and plan accordingly with resources.

This is sponsored by the Kickstarr browser extension,,, and Multi-Stream-Chat-Replay by

For sponsorship of this event and your name here and preferred promotion at the event, please email [email protected] . Thanks!

This event is not run, affliliated, or representative of Stake, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Trovo, DLive, Kick, Mixer, Odysee, TikTok, Rumble or any other streaming platform company at this time.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you there. Let's build a better future for all of us in the live streaming world!

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Event Venue

The Westin Tampa Bay, 7627 West Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, United States


USD 5.00 to USD 50.00

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