John & Debbie visit Austin!

Sat Oct 28 2023 at 05:00 pm to Sun Oct 29 2023 at 05:00 pm

Lache Movement Co. | Austin

Debbie Collis
Publisher/HostDebbie Collis
John & Debbie visit Austin!
Hey Austin! I’m excited to come back there for this weekend intensive! I haven’t been back since the pandemic. I’ve missed this way of teaching to a smaller group of people over the course of a weekend. Plus I can’t wait for you to meet John! We will co teach an 8 hour weekend of our favorite things plus leave jam time for us all at the end! We will focus on Icarian classes the first day. We will show you some Log flippy things and some Cartwheel pops. The last class will be Dance Lifts where we will break down our most stunning lifts in an accessible easy to learn way. This is an Intermediate level workshop.
Pre reqs for Icarian are straight throws in Bed, Bird and Throne. Comfort with Side Star tic tocs. Pre reqs for Dance Lifts are Partner Cartwheel, Thigh stand.
*Saturday Oct 28th 3pm-5:30pm
Rainbows and Bed back tucks
We will be flipping to front and back bed, a.k.a. Rainbows. We will learn some other fun, pops along the way and lead up to a full back tuck!
*5:30pm-6:30pm Dinner break Pizza!
*Saturday Oct 28th 6:30pm-9pm
Cartwheel pops
Check out this unique kind of Icarian. This class is full of Cartwheel pops and the different places you can pop to! John and I will show you our favorite ones.
*Sunday October 29th 11am-2pm
Dance Lifts
Dance lifts are a thrilling and visually stunning aspect of acro that require body awareness, flexibility, and communication between partners. In this class we will explore various kinds of dance lifts and teach students how to execute them with grace and elegance.
*2pm-3pm Jam time!
Price if you buy all workshops is $145 (save $15), early bird is $125 (save additional $20)
Full weekend package:
Early bird ends October 2nd
Price for Saturday only is $95, early bird is $85
Just the Icarian day:
Price for Sunday only is $65, early bird is $55
Dance Lifts only
To ensure this workshop will happen, teachers need students to sign up in advance! Take advantage of the early bird discount and confirm that this workshop will happen.
There will be no refunds once registration is complete, but you may transfer tickets to other people. Do not buy tickets from strangers. If the workshop is canceled we will give full refunds minus the processing fee.
International partner acro teacher Debbie Collis started taking gymnastics when she was a kid. Thanks to her training in her youth, she has the strength, balance, and poise to make partner acrobatics very beautiful. Debbie's long straight legs and pointed toes are the envy of the acro world. Debbie loves the connection and flow she can find with a partner. She can forget about the whole world while flowing in complex acrobatic movements. Debbie has a talent for teaching. Students say that she is sweet and has a good eye for form. She loves practicing until she gets a move perfectly and loves to share this practice around the world by hosting workshops, teaching at festivals and assisting in teacher trainings. Debbie has been practicing acro since 2012 and became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher in 2017.
John has been a teacher of movement for over 10 years when he started as a fitness coach. His roots began in powerlifting and evolved into many different movement practices over the years including snowboarding, aerial straps, rock climbing, and hand balancing. John’s biggest passion has been nerding out over partner acrobatics in all it’s forms. You can catch him doing all things acro - fast and flowy washing machines, icarian, whips, and dynamic standing are amongst his favorite.

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