Jason Martin | Jesper Nyrén | Andrea Rizzo

Wed Apr 03 2024 at 11:00 am to 06:00 pm

Galerie Forsblom | Helsinki

Galerie Forsblom
Publisher/HostGalerie Forsblom
Jason Martin | Jesper Nyr\u00e9n | Andrea Rizzo
March 22–April 21, 2024

Welcome to the opening reception on Thursday, March 21, from 5–7 PM.

Jason Martin: REDUX
Jason Martin is a painter whose practice is steeped in materiality and self-reflexive questioning of painting as an art form. His work gives a visible form to the processes by which both painting and sculpture come into being. This visualization of the process is epitomized by his monochromatic, three-dimensional pigment pieces, which hover somewhere between painting and sculpture. These sculptural paintings protrude beguilingly from the wall, bursting out of the two-dimensional world of painting and into the surrounding space. Martin’s works come alive through a combination of materiality, movement and a masterfully conjured illusion of depth. His pigment pieces are accompanied by oil paintings executed in intense, sweeping brushstrokes that endow the oil paint with a vivid quality that draws us in and makes us part of the painting’s reality. The experience he evokes is not a static one, but an interactive and immersive encounter. His paintings evoke moments of calm meditativeness clashing with haptic chaos and unpredictability.
Jesper Nyrén: Horizons
A lingering silence has descended upon Jesper Nyrén’s most recent landscapes. The artist has eliminated all excess detail and stripped down the content to the bare essentials, focusing purely on color, light and materiality. The title of the exhibition refers both to the compositional structure and the content of his landscapes. A horizon is a boundary between two physical spaces, such as that between air and land or sea. A horizon can also suggest geological layers or sediments, or boundaries between historic eras or significant events. A horizon also symbolizes the boundary between what we already know and what we cannot yet perceive.
Andrea Rizzo: Double Positive
Andrea Rizzo explores the relationship between the painting’s surface and its structure, or its supporting elements. Figurative content, symbols and colors – all things referencing the outside world – hold lesser interest for the artist. Rizzo usually executes his paintings in pairs, trios or even multiple versions. Working horizontally, he paints linear sequences that unfold in a constant state of flux. Rizzo’s process involves wetting his canvases and stacking them on top of each other while they are still wet, thus the surfaces continue their transformation process until they are fully dry.

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