Issue 7 + Issue 8 Exhibition

Sat Sep 04 2021 at 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Art gallery in West Adams. RSVP for address. | Burbank

Sovo\/\/ Magazine
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Issue 7 + Issue 8 Exhibition Issue 7 addresses existential and universal questions spanning philosophy and physics. With this issue, SOVO// has taken a deep dive into the questions you often ask yourself at 3AM. Is sleeping just waking up somewhere else? Do I have control, or am I being controlled? WTF is God? Why do people K*ll each other? Is Ai going to K*ll us all anyway? Am I fundamentally good or evil? Do Aliens exist and can I meet them? If I talk to the dead, can they hear me? If I die, is sticking around as a ghost a real option? Can we stop destroying the Earth? Can drugs enhance my spirituality? Who am I? And of course, the classics: Are we living in a simulation? If we can’t see it, does it even exist? And, of course we address the overwhelming possibility that, nothing is real.
Issue 7 also includes a poster insert of an information graphic presenting the entire history of human philosophy, so you can review everything we already thought we knew about the topic of existence. Special thank you to the Philosophical Research Society for advising us, allowing us access to their esoteric library for private viewings.
Printed in a limited edition of 500.

Event Venue

Art gallery in West Adams. RSVP for address., Burbank, United States

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