Intentional Dreaming - weekend workshop (non-residential)

Fri Oct 27 2023 at 06:30 pm to Sun Oct 29 2023 at 02:00 pm

Eastville, Bristol, UK | Bristol

A Heron
Publisher/HostA Heron
Intentional Dreaming - weekend workshop (non-residential)



In the painting above “Reveil Matinal” by Eva Gonzales (Paris 1876) the subject gazes into mid-distance perhaps allowing herself some time in the half-awake state to gather her dreams before writing them in the notebook she has prepared for the purpose on her bedside table. Then after a light breakfast she will make her way to Eastville Bristol for an exhilarating inspiring and rewarding weekend of dreamwork along with a friendly group of fellow dream afficionados.


Many creative people have famously received inspiration and guidance from their night-time dreams; Einstein Mary Shelley Paul McCartney for example. But to benefit from the amazing gifts that dreaming has to offer it is not necessary to be a genius or to just passively wait until the next special dream happens.


Engaging actively with the process of dreaming encourages a healthy dialogue between the waking and dreaming sides of oneself. “Dreams always come in the service of health and wholeness” (Jeremy Taylor) and exploring them systematically with others is a great way to honour the nightly messages from the soul.

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On Friday 27th October we will meet from 7-9.30 pm to learn some basics and prepare for the night’s intentional dreaming. Then we go home to sleep and dream. On Saturday 28th we will reconvene at 10.00 am to explore what we received in the night by means of structured dream sharing dream theatre dream re-entry and dream shadow healing. We will continue with our dreaming practice overnight on the Saturday. The full moon that night and the proximity of Samhain/All Souls makes it an especially auspicious time. Expect something miraculous!


The guiding principle of this work is that the dreamer is in charge. Others can offer their insights but no-one else can tell you what your dreams ‘mean’ or what to do with them. No-one will pressure you to share more than you feel comfortable with.


 If you come to this workshop event you will:

• Learn how to set up intentional dreaming.

• Be helped to relate the dream messages received to the intent you set.

• Learn techniques for improving dream recall and lucidity.

• Find out about ancient Mexican dream geography.

• Practice a simple and empowering dream sharing technique that you can use with friends and family.


You may also:

• Re-enter the dreamspace with the help of shamanic drumming to resolve heal or deepen your understanding of what has been presented there.

• Have your dream re-enacted in Dream Theatre a group endeavour akin to constellations work or psychodrama that utilises the group energy to really bring the dream to life.

• Learn the Gestalt method of opening out a dream allowing each element its own voice and raison d’etre.

• Experience the effects of shadow healing as applied to live cast dream motifs.


The facilitator:

Alex Heron is an experienced teacher and trainer who has been studying dreaming in its many guises for over 30 years and has run dreamwork courses internationally for 6 years. This is his first such training in Bristol.


You will need to bring: a cushion a yoga or camping mat a pen and notebook and a blanket. Also please bring one small item of personal significance to place on a communal altar. This is a non-residential event.

Timings:                            Fri 27th Oct 19.00 – 21.30

Sat 28th Oct 10.00 – 21.00 (with extended breaks!)

Sun 29th Oct 10.00-14.00


Cost: £80 or £40 concessions via Eventbrite or bank transfer.

To register or any enquiries: [email protected]


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Eastville, Bristol, UK, United Kingdom

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