Integral Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Oslo 2023/2024

Fri Sep 29 2023 at 05:00 pm to Sun Oct 01 2023 at 04:00 pm

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Integral Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Oslo 2023\/2024

On the 29th of September 2023 we start the Integral Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. This weekend will be the first of 9 Modules in this education.
Are you looking for a complete, authentic and powerful form of yoga? Then this Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is for you! The training is designed to enhance your yogic knowledge and experience, as well as providing you with the proper theory, practice and competence needed to become a professional yoga teacher. Whether you are looking to become a certified teacher or just want to expand on your personal practice and experience of kundalini yoga, this training invites you into a deep and transforming process.
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is open to those who are interested in a healthy and conscious lifestyle, although we do recommend having some experience with kundalini yoga before starting the training.
The teacher training will give you a thorough introduction to kundalini yoga, as well as the skills, confidence and awareness necessary to teach in different settings/contexts. It will also take you on a journey of self-realization and transformation where you will have the chance to explore your inner resources and reach your highest potential. The training will help you to develop a conscious lifestyle, a sense of community with the other students and teachers, as well as connecting with local and international teachers.
***In this training you will get:***
- A thorough introduction to kundalini yoga and meditation
- The opportunity to go deep and integrate a yogic lifestyle and practice in your everyday life
- Guidance and experience in leading kundalini yoga group classes
- First hand experience with Kundalini Yoga as a holistic, therapeutic and transformative tool for increased health, awareness and balance
- Practical and theoretical knowledge to become a skilled and professional yoga teacher
We offer a weekend based education portioned out over a full year, with an average of 4-6 weeks between the 8 modules. This education can be combined with work or school.
We have chosen to keep the training to 1 year so that not too much time passes between each gathering. This helps us to get to know each other, creating a sense of community and a powerful group consciousness that will be helpful in providing you with a supportive and inspiring learning situation. It will also be easier to soak up and integrate the material, giving you a solid foundation for living a yogic lifestyle. In this way we stay connected to the process and avoid falling in to old habits in between modules.
The education is 200 hours+ and certified by KRI (Kundalini Yoga Reserach Institute). Out of the 200 hours a minimum of 20 hours of self study is required.
***Zoom online meeting ***
We meet online between each gathering for about 90 min to catch up, answer questions, practice, and support you in your process.
***Study groups***
During this education, you will work in study groups with one obligatory meeting between the gatherings for sharing and practice. A group homework will help you to integrate the teaching material and contribute constructive to the education.
***Ashram experience and yoga immersion***
5 days in a remote retreat place in Norway where we come together to practice a conscious yogic lifestyle, including yogic vegetarian cooking, healing, treatment methods and mantra chanting. One full day will be dedicated to deep meditation as a substitute for White Tantra. At the end we will conduct the final exam and a graduation ceremony.

The main teachers are Anand Raj & Salila Gyanjot, the founders of the Kundalini Yoga School and the Northern Light Yoga Centre. We also collaborate with a unique and solid Teacher Team, which consists of skilled, experienced and renowned Teacher Trainers, each with their own field of specialization.
Module1 - 29.9.-1.10.
Module 2 - 20-22.10
Module 3 - 17.-19. 11
Module 4 - 5.-7.1. 2024
Module 5 - 2.-4. 2.2024
Module 6 - 1.-3.3. 2024
Module 7 - 5.-7. 4. 2024
Module 8 - 3.-5.5. 2024
Ashram Experience 7.-11. June 2024
Certification Celebration in Autumn 2024

TLF. 922 14 004
E-MAIL: [email protected]

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