Inner Evolution Retreat 9th-12th December, DUBLIN

Thu Dec 09 2021 at 07:00 pm to Sun Dec 12 2021 at 04:00 pm

Ireland Dublin | Dublin

Inner Evolution Retreat 9th-12th December, DUBLIN
The ????? ??????? ????????????? Inner Evolution Retreats are a proposal from the ?????? ????? ?????? ????????, a conglomeration of companies, methods, approaches and projects that are born from a global vision of where humanity is at this present moment.
Inner Mastery International is an organisation dedicated to the realisation of Inner Evolution through retreats with the conscious use of Ayahuasca and other shamanic tools. It has held hundreds of retreats in more than 30 countries with over 100,000 participants.
In these retreats we have developed a technology of transformation that combines evolutionary, conscious and therapeutic methods with traditional indigenous medicine. This combination is extremely effective at allowing us to reach not only the root of our limitations but also transcend them, opening the space to flourish in our highest potential.
We have a team of professionals in psychology, health, the arts, and human sciences dedicated full-time to supporting the process of Inner Evolution in our participants. We ensure the conscious, wise, and delicate use of all the natural remedies to go beyond traditional techniques and therapies.
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The retreat is based on the Conscious use of Ancestral Remedies.
You can choose from the options offered with a minimum of one day and night, and then at the retreat you can extend your stay and/or participate in the additional sessions of
Bufo Alvarius, Kambó, Yopo, Iboga, Jurema, or San Pedro.
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Participants in these retreats are people who want to initiate or deepen a process of healing and transformation.
There are also those who simply want to have an encounter with Ayahuasca and experience its mystery.
The common thread among participants is a desire to comprehend their own life, recover from trauma, free themselves from addictions, and have a mystical or spiritual experience. There are also many health professionals, therapists and 'ayahuasqueros' who come to observe this phenomenon, which draws many people to learn from the evolutionary model that we propose.
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We join natural tools and conscious techniques to integrate the experiences at a retreat into our daily lives. At a time when the world and our personal lives become increasingly complicated, creativity is indispensable in finding spontaneous solutions. The expansion of consciousness opens the heart, strengthens the body, and clears blockages to live a truly spiritual and human life.
??? ???? ???????????:
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Ireland Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


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