In Tune with my Higher self - Gong Bath

Fri Feb 23 2024 at 07:30 pm to 08:40 pm

Vita de Lux Denmark | Copenhagen

Vita de Lux Denmark
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In Tune with my Higher self - Gong Bath
I invite you for a Sound Healing session with focus to balance and harmonize your emotional and physical bodies.

Just lie down and let the Sound, Vibrations and Frequencies to work with you. You don’t need to do anything, just accept everything what is coming by – any emotions, any sensations, any feelings. Let yourself just Be. Let the Sound to bring you back “in Tune”, your natural state.

What is the Sound Healing?
Sound Healing is a way through frequencies and vibrations to promote healing and balance.
It addresses various states of our existence, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual level by using different instruments. It helps us to be more ‘in tune’ with the ourselves and ‘in sync’ with the natural laws and structure.
Sound affects us on so many different levels, from the cellular function to the tissues, hormones, brain waves and the flow of energy in our body. Sound does not only work within the body, but also on the aura, the bioelectrical field around the body.
When the sound healer introduces beneficial frequencies during the sound therapy, the body gets a signal to move towards this frequency and match the ‘healthy’ sound vibration.

The Power of The Sound
The power of sound to heal was used by most ancient cultures. Our ancestors knew exactly how to work with the sound and how to help people to bring balance and light inside of the body. We are very happy that in nowadays scientists are more and more interested in finding out how sound healing works and how it can be used to treat various illnesses. Edgar Cayce predicted that “Sound is the medicine of the future.” Science is rapidly evolving and it will be fascinating to witness new findings about the healing power of sound.

Practical information:
Sound therapy session lasts 1 hr, but note that we will have few minutes to integrate experience afterwards.

Aiste Venskune will be guiding you through the session. She is psychologist, sound therapist, energy healer and really curious, open-minded being.

Price 190 Kr

Payment: MobilePay to 255538
Bring a friend price - 300 kr (2 ppl)

Our Body knows how to heal and harmonize itself. Let’s open some doors and give it some tools to do so.

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Vita de Lux Denmark, Masnedøgade 20, 2.sal,Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark

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