Idea to Income - 3 Steps to building an income from your passions - Denver

Wed Aug 24 2022 at 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm

Denver | Denver

Katy Moses
Publisher/HostKaty Moses
Idea to Income  - 3 Steps to building an income from your passions - Denver
Mama - stop putting your dreams on hold for the sake of your kids. The world is waiting for you and your magic. It's time to get to work.
About this Event

Are you a busy mama who’s tired of putting your life on hold? Tired of always prioritizing someone else 's needs over your own? Tired of not claiming the time to do the work you know you’re here to do? Feeling like opportunities are passing you by?

You’ve been feeling this call on your heart - you know you’re meant for more in this life. There’s special work you’re here to do and more people you’re here to help. More than your kids.

We know that being a mom is one of the most important jobs in the world, but we also know that it’s not all you’re here to do. The mom thing is a sweet gig and you love your kids, but you also want to honor your soul’s calling to something else.

You’ve got so many gifts inside you, ideas that you want to share, people you want to reach, projects that are lighting you up, every time you think about them…. But you’re not sure what to do next - how do you get started?

How can you create a business that:

  • is future-proof?
  • can be agile and not grind to a halt if a kid gets sick?
  • gives you all the flexibility to take a vacation with your kids when they’re off school?
  • And the flexibility to attend their performances and be available to pick them up from school?
  • generates enough income that you can have the freedom to buy, invest, save whatever you want?

And that’s where we connect.

The journey of entrepreneurship - especially as a mom - can be a long and lonely one.

But there is another way. Working together, I can help you get some momentum going with your business.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or already have a business, or are wanting to reset and send some new energy into your business, I’ve got you.

In the upcoming Idea to Income Workshop, we’re going to be taking you through the steps that will get you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling clear around your business.

We’ll help you shift to a place of feeling calm, confident and clarity about what’s possible for you through a guided visualization that will reveal your ultimate business vision.

We’re bringing in your creative, feminine, nurturing self and letting that energy define your business. Because when you do this, you’ll have a plan that feels good, is focused on your priorities and moves you towards that high vibe business vision. It takes you towards your unique mom-goals - not the goals of your typical bro marketer.

Creating a plan in this way is NOT what they teach you in other business courses. Most biz courses are going to orient you towards hustle and pushing and striving for bigger, better, more. That’s not what we’re up to here.

You’ll leave the workshop with your very own Energetic Business Plan that is aligned to that vision, including elements that will support multiple aspects of your business, from identifying your ideal clients, to the work you’ll be doing and sales conversations. And if any of that sounds scary and big, we’ve got you. We’ll be doing this together, simple, fun and step-by-step.

Together, we’ll get you one step closer to your dream business.


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