Humour, Prose and The Third Thing: How To Write Humour In Prose

Sat Oct 21 2023 at 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

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Humour, Prose and The Third Thing: How To Write Humour In Prose
Infuse humor into your prose with author Suffian Hakim. Explore joke techniques, situational humor, and beloved comedic characters.
About this Event

Discover the art of writing humor in prose with author and playwright Suffian Hakim.

This engaging three-hour workshop delves into the techniques employed by renowned authors and humorists like David Sedaris and Terry Pratchett. By analyzing their works, participants will grasp the essence of incorporating laughter into literature. Through a blend of insightful discussions and practical exercises, explore various aspects of humor, including joke techniques, situational humor, and the creation of endearing comedic characters.

Join us for an interactive session that promises to add a touch of LOL to your writing journey!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Recognize the role of humor in enriching prose.
  • Deconstruct and utilize various joke techniques and structures.
  • Create and implement situational humor effectively.
  • Develop characters that resonate with comedic elements.
  • Employ acquired skills to enhance their own writing, using examples from Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, David Sedaris, and Suffian Hakim.
Course Objectives:
  • Understand the significance of humor in storytelling.
  • Analyze joke techniques and their structural components.
  • Explore the dynamics of situational humor within prose.
  • Examine the characteristics of characters that evoke laughter.
  • Apply learned concepts to writing through guided readings and exercises.
Programme Itinerary:
  • Introduction (10 mins): Welcome participants and provide an overview of the workshop's objectives and structure.
  • Why Humor Matters (20 mins): Explore the significance of humor in storytelling and its impact on engaging readers.
  • Joke Techniques and Structure (30 mins): Deconstruct different joke techniques and discuss their structural components.
  • Break (10 mins)
  • Situational Humor (30 mins): Dive into the world of situational humor and learn how to create funny scenarios within prose.
  • The Characters We Love To Laugh At (30 mins): Examine beloved comedic characters and their unique traits that evoke laughter.
  • Break (10 mins)
  • Guided Readings and Analysis (40 mins): Analyze humorous excerpts from works by Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, David Sedaris, and Suffian Hakim.
  • Applying Humor to Your Writing (30 mins): Discuss practical strategies for incorporating humor into participants' own writing projects.
  • Wrap-up and Q&A (20 mins): Review key takeaways, address participant questions, and conclude the workshop on a high note.

Programme Details:
Date: 21 October 2023, Saturday
Time: 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
Venue: SBC Training Room, Goodman Arts Centre,
Blk E, #03-32 (Directions below at FAQ section)
About trainer:

Suffian Hakim is a Singaporean author and writer-director known for his novels, the national bestselling parody Harris bin Potter and The Stoned Philosopher, the critically acclaimed The Minorities and the Popular Readers Choice Awards 2021 nominee The Keepers of Stories. He has been described by The Straits Times as 'one of the most whimsical, creative and unpretentious young voices in Singapore literature'. He has also given workshops and spoken at a variety of arts and literary festivals, including the Singapore Writers Festival, the Asian Festival of Children's Content, the Makassar International Writers Festival, the Kuala Lumpur Diversecity Festival of the Arts and holds the honour of being the first Singaporean to speak at the Cairo Literature Festival in Egypt. Suffian's screenwriting credits include Mediacorp shows The Noose, Random Island, Mr Kiasu 2.0 and the new adventure-mystery Amaranthine.  


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