HUGE Erasmus Reopening Party #finallytogether

Fri Jun 25 2021 at 06:00 pm to 11:00 pm UTC+02:00

Erasmus Life Budapest | Budapest

Publisher/HostErasmus Life Budapest
UPDATE: As parties are only allowed with Immunity Certificate, and we know that most of you can't get it yet, we need to postpone the event to a later date.
Follow our other events meanwhile, we have lots of fun waiting for you! ?
First HUGE Erasmus Life Budapest party, as soon as it will be allowed and safe!
The date is only fictional, it will depend on the restrictions.
One thing for sure, we will prepare a HUGE party for y'all when we can finally dance all together! We.Just.Can't.Wait.
? Watch our videos to get an impression of what's waiting for you ?
Special venue, decorations, games, costumes, amazing programs, great DJs and music, and incredible vibe will be surely waiting for you!
Details, date, venue etc. coming in time - click "interested" or "going" to stay tuned.
Until then and always, please respect the rules, and hope to see you as soon as possible!

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Erasmus Life Budapest, Király utca 43., Budapest, Hungary


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