How to go from Worrier to WARRIOR & take charge in your life.

Sun Jun 27 2021 at 09:30 am to 01:30 pm

Australia Perth | Perth

Nicky Thomas
Publisher/HostNicky Thomas
How to go from Worrier to WARRIOR & take charge in your life.
Do you want the tools used to create a WARRIOR mindset?
Do you want to slay the Enemy within (that little voice that keeps holding you back)
Are you ready, but confused about where to start or what to do?
Join Nicky Thomas to learn the secrets you’ve never been exposed to by mentors, teachers or parents. Why? Because they don’t know them.
From growing up in a small farming community to an award-winning Soldier in the Australian Army, she's no stranger to having to assert herself among "the boys club" and how much self-belief it takes to succeed in environments where you have been stereotyped.
Both in the military and now in as the Worrier to Warrior coach, Nicky has the innate ability to teach women how to cut out all the battle noise, listen to their inner strength and step up into the Warrior they are right now so they can take charge in every area of their life with kick-Ass confidence & certainty.
Nicky took herself from a people-pleasing, self-doubting over-thinker to Award-winning Kick-Ass Warrior and she did it all through developing her personal leadership and changing her core belief systems.
When people saw Nicky’s transformation, they always asked two questions. “What happened to you? And how did you do that?” and from those questions Worrier to Warrior was born.
You will learn WHY you are stuck and what to do about it and HOW to:
increase your mental strength
Set solid, unbreakable boundaries
Assert yourself without wanting to vomit
Prioritise effectively
Increase your confidence & courage
Slay the enemy in your mind (your inner mean girl
Nicky will give you the proven formula on 'How to Go From Worrier to Warrior & Take Charge in Your Life & Career”'. You will walk away with the framework to unbreakable confidence and self-belief so you can take action and attack any battle that comes your way with certainty and strength.
“A powerhouse, straight-talking Warrior woman”
“This ex-soldier has had her share of battles and has come out fighting. I would highly recommend Nicky who is the ultimate Warrior Woman”
“My mind feels like old layers (toxic unhelpful ways of thinking and doing) have fallen away and I can now begin to engage the strategies and tools taught by Nicky to grow and flourish!”
“OMG this woman is the bomb! Nicky knows her stuff and tells it like it is (in the best way possible)”
“This lady is the real deal, confident and strong and really knows her stuff”
The authentic pointed and downright raw approach was truly inspiring
After just 1 session I have been able to.....refocus my attention on what matters and what will fulfill me rather than what will waste my energy or time.
“Before I started working with Nicky, I was completely overwhelmed and found this almost paralysing Nicky has helped me so much, to identify where to begin and how to get over my own false stories that hold me back.”
“From a newly formed Warrior Woman, don't fear the next step, take it, I wish I had done it sooner”
“Thank you so much for helping me get across the line with a difficult & honest conversation I needed to have - most of the things I thought were going to happen were all in my head. It was the Worrier in me that was Overthinking and the warrior in me that took action”
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Sunday, July 27, 2021 - 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM AWST
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