How To Go From SINGLE To ENGAGED Within The Next Year!

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How To Go From SINGLE To ENGAGED Within The Next Year!
Discover the formula, and the #1 thing you need to focus on, so that you can quickly go from SINGLE to ENGAGED to your Soulmate!
About this Event

You don't JUST want to be a magnet for great potential partners.

You don't JUST want to change your experience in dating, so that you actually feel confident and enjoy dating.

You don't JUST want to have an amazing relationship, with someone who is different than anyone in your past.

You don't JUST want to meet your person.

You don't JUST want to create a life together with this person.

You don't JUST want to feel Safe, Seen, Valued, Adored, Honored, Cherished, and Loved for who you are in this relationship.

While these are ALL amazing things that my clients have been able to do, because they got my support....

What you REALLY want is the whole package, including the life long commitment, with your Soulmate.

(And even if you don't actually want to be married, most singles tell me that they actually DO want a life long commitment).

You want to know that this is actually your person, because there's an outer commitment that backs it up.

  • And most of you actually DO want the celebration of a wedding!
  • You want this relationship to be honored by others in your community too!
  • You want the SPECIAL DAY!
  • The dress!
  • The Honeymoon!
  • The wedding vows!
  • You want it ALL!

AND you want this in the SHORTEST time possible, AND for it to be as EASY as possible.


So I've mapped out all the things you'll need to actually shift, and all the steps you'll need to take, to go from SINGLE TO ENGAGED in one year!

Even if you have zero great prospects right now... and even if your past relationships have not been good.

Join the WEBINAR online:How to Go from SINGLE to ENGAGED within The Next Year!

I'll be sharing with you the system my clients have used to change their own love life, and get engaged and married to their person.

This online event will support you to:
  • Discover the formula to go from Single to Engaged within the next year!
  • Learn the #1 thing to focus on, to change your love life quickly.
  • Understand how to evaluate potential partners with The 4 Soulmate Indicators, so that you can date more efficiently, and meet people who you want to invest your time, heart, and energy with.

If you're ready to manifest a miracle, join me for this opportunity to make this your year for Happy Healthy LOVE!

Attendees can join the webinar from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

This live event will be presented by Jennifer Zundel, a Certified Calling in “The One” coach.

Here's what people are saying about Jennifer:

A year ago I was in a bad place emotionally. Covid took a toll on my relationship and my partner moved out. I felt shell-shocked, I didn't even know what had gone wrong. Coaching with Jennifer was one of the best things I have ever done. She taught me to see what I was doing to sabotage my relationships, how to turn things around, and fall in love again. My partner and I ended up getting back together, and working out our differences. Jennifer helped facilitate that, and our love has grown leaps and bounds in just two months. I never knew I could have such a happy and amazing relationship and be so in love with my partner. Jennifer is an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to find fulfilling relationships, and grow in love. ~ Diana K. [UPDATE - Diana just got married in May of 2023, due to Jennifer's support! See Diana's video testimonial below]

“I trusted Jennifer from the beginning. She truly has a heart for this work, and I was blessed to have had several big breakthroughs thanks to her. Personally I really enjoyed the process and was thrilled it was brought to my attention.” ~ Julia K., Alexandria, VA

“Jennifer has been a blessing, helping me discover how I was showing up and relating to men in ways that were not clear to me. Since working with Jennifer, I feel more empowered, confident and calm relating to men and dating, and recently started a relationship with a man that could be 'The One'. I highly recommend her as a coach!” ~ Maya, San Diego

Jennifer helped me get clear on why I've been attracting the wrong kind of men into my life and given me access to a set of tools to approach dating in a whole different way. I can now leave the past where it belongs and be more present in the moment with other people. I now listen to my intuition, trust my own judgment more, and have been told my increased confidence is attractive. I had not expected that! ~ Melissa N., Los Angeles, Market Research Director

About Jennifer Zundel:

As a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach, Jennifer is passionate about clients seeing their old patterns in love melt away. They report having more fun dating, experiencing better relationships, and naturally becoming magnetic to their Soulmate as they learn to confidently let their love light shine! Personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas, Jennifer has experienced profound shifts in her own life due to this work, and been on fire ever since. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and fun, creating possibility for embodiment of the teachings and rapid transformation. She offers live workshops in Denver, Colorado and individual coaching worldwide.

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