How To Build A Highly Profitable Speaking Career -Las Vegas-Club Free Trial

Thu Dec 22 2022 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Powerteam International Success Center | Las Vegas

Powerteam International Success Club
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How To Build A Highly Profitable Speaking Career -Las Vegas-Club Free Trial
Practice Public Speaking to create your Signature Talks and Discover How To Build a Highly Profitable Speaking Career. FREE Trial
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PLEASE NOTE: RSVP to 949-522-5563 WE ARE NOT MEETING 9/15/2022. WE WILL RESUME LIVE Next Week. AND we are launching a Virtual by Popular Demand. We will keep the LIVE in person event and Travel across country.

Speaker Games is a very powerful Public Speaking program and Improv club that meets weekly focused on the principle "repetition is the mother of skill". Members build confidence by regular practice.

People seeking a Coaching and or Public Speaking career are able to take a deeper dive while they speak in front of others in a safe environment to optimize and or uncover their signature talk.

Speaker Games provides a variety of communication exercises that are super fun to help people optimize their talk so audiences are engaged and the public speaker becomes an even more powerful communicator.

Expand your speaking presence and radiate confidence anytime your asked to present in front of the room.

Come learn how you can substantially impact your financial future by becoming an even more effective communicator. connecting with mega successful public speakers and entrepreneurs through the Powerteam International Success Club

You will learn about new ways to improve how you are coming accross with audiences on stage and or video.

Network with other club members to share secrets to making money in the public speaking space.

Learn from Success Coaches who work with some of the top Coaches, Business Consultants and Marketers in the world!

Now it is up to you to take action and take control of your Public Speaking success plan. The Success club fee is $99 per month ($25 per week) . You can attend Speaker Games for two times FREE.

If You are ready to be one of the lucky few who take advantage of this rare opportunity, register and plan to be in Las Vegas for Speaker Games at the Powerteam International Success Center.

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Expand your speaking presence and radiate confidence anytime your asked to present in front of the room.
Speaker Games is for you if you want to:

● Remove The Fear of Public Speaking

● Use your voice in a natural and powerful way to move an audience

● Learn how to move on stage, front of the room and on camera to engage an audience

● Learn how to think on your feet with Speaker Improv tools and exercises

● Sharpen your existing Public Speaking Skills through Practice.

● Optimize Your Talk Intro and Outros so you do not bore your audience

● Learn about the best Speaker Tools for Monetizing a Public Speaking Career.

The club is a compliment to your Toastmasters, Speech Crafters or any other Public Speaking Program your already enrolled in. We welcome all Public Speaking Clubs to attend and collaborate. Practice makes better!

Speaker Games is designed to help bring out your irrisistable qualities as a Public Speaker. This is ideal for those who need to develop a signature talk , who wish to practice cultivating content through speaking to be repurposed as coaching material and or book etc.

Practice the art of public speaking to become even more confident with how you communicate in front of a group.

Be prepared to have fun, engage with like minded individuals and explore public speaking so you can change the world in front of the room.

This is not a Learn How To Sell From The Stage Program. If you want to learn how to build a 6 to 8 figure public speaking career, ask about our Platinum Speaker Camp by scheduling a call Complimentary Public Speaking Planning Session.

Speakers need stages. Speaker Games is a great way to practice while networking with other like minded entrepreneurs.

For the right person who wants to become a sought after speaker we highly recommend leveling up to ICON and or Platinum Speaker Program with our Mentor and CEO Bill Walsh of Powerteam International.

Ask Michelle Complimentary Public Speaking Planning Session

Meet Our Facilitators:
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Public Speaker, Author/ Actor-Edu-tainer / Business Implementation Expert / Business Consultant. Venture Capitalist in training.

> Received her Bachelors Degree in Business at The University of Phoenix. And learned business hands on with various Mentors like Multi-Millionaire Edmond Atelian who taught Michelle A to Z manufacturing, Government Contracts and Pricing sophisticated Machines for the U.S Government.

> Professionally trained at LACC Academy for Performing Arts (Film, Stage,) From Hollywood to Las Vegas - Michelle knows how to get a crowd going.

> Michelle ran the highly popular Las Vegas Public Speakers Association helping others become confident with Public Speaking.

> Michelle became a Digital Marketer in 2008 and went into the Event Business in 2012 after launching her Magazine Events We Like.

> Michelle speaker training included LACC Theater Academy, Ventura College Public Speaking courses, Toastmasters, Speechcrafters, Worked for Caterina Rando a sought after speaker coach, attended Lisa Nicoles speaker program, Tonya Hoffman Public Speaking Association, Ari Galper influence with Dan Kennedy organization. Attended Coaching Business intensive with Ali Brown, working with the best Public Speaking Mentor ever Mr. Bill Walsh of Powerteam International. Been speaking and performing on stages since age 9.

> Michelle began a career in public speaking in 1991 and leveled up to become an online sales coach helping on average 200 people per month remove the fear of selling over the phone. Michelle's signature talk is on the 3'S. Scripts-Systems-and Sales (Building A Funnel ). With over 30 Years of hands on business in both the Online Space and On The Ground , she is highly skilled at teaching Digital Marketing, Podcasting, Selling Over The Phone, High Ticket Mastery, Copywriting, Social Media, Events and Retreats, Content Creation, Public Speaking, Affiliate Management Programs and How to Launch a Successful Coaching Continuity Membership platform. She is an operations expert and while others wonder if an online business is really lucrative, michelle knows for sure.

Michelle gained technical and systems experience hands on working for Military Suppliers, Top level Information Marketing Guru’s and Fortune 500 Companies.

Michelle is often sought after to help people create their events, courses, campaigns,membership portals, affiliate programs,Video Editing for Podcasts, Social Media and or produce their events and retreats.

Today Michelle is a Producer, Media and Event Promoter working exclusively with Powerteam International. To work with Michelle, you must enroll in the Rainmaker Program.

Michelle runs the Local International Success Center that hosts events all year long. And she hosts the Obvious Podcast show based on Bill Walsh's book the Obvious. If you would like to be a guest on The Obvious book a time with Michelle Click Ask Michelle to schedule a time.

The latest offering is the Success Club Events. Speaker Games is one of many Success Club events that local business owners and entrepreneurs can attend. Another great event is Small Business Workshop that happens weekly Wednesdays from 7:30am to 9:30am perfect before work to jump start your day.

Michelle has two books, "OWN IT Method" Implementer's Guide To Making It Happen NOW. And “INSPIRED TO PERFORM” coming out 2nd quarter 2022. Michelle is the Executive Producer of a show with Entertainment Life Coach Johnny Venokur -America's Favorite Reality Television Star.

Today Michelle Finnegan Nixon helps her clients Start, Launch and Grow their business to even greater success through Powerteam International products and programs under the direction and leadership of her mentor CEO and founder Bill Walsh.

Michelle lives and breaths Public Speaking and Events and Retreats daily. If you're looking for a place to start, launch and grow your Public Speaking Career to even greater success, joining the Success Club and getting involved with Speaker Games is a great way to start.

Have Fun, Help Lots of People and Learn How To Monetize a Great Public Speaking Career toMake Lots of Money Doing What You LOVE!

Ask Michelle Complimentary Public Speaking Planning Session

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Public Speaker, Author,Life Coach , Book Publisher

Sophia is an experienced coach, seminar leader, trainer, and motivational speaker.

> She brings a rich background in administration, marketing, human resources, training, total quality management, chaplaincy, spiritual counseling, and ministry.

> Sophia has a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations and a Bachelors in English Education.

> Sophia received her coaching certification through the International Coach Federation authorized training center the Academy for Coaching Excellence in Sacramento, CA.

Her style is personable and straightforward.

Her comfortable approach brings a sense of spaciousness to any coaching or seminar interaction whether it is a corporate function, professional exposition, or a one-on-one situation.

Known for her wit, wisdom, and unwavering support of others in achieving their greatness, Sophia Falke has distinguished herself as an award-winning and best-selling author, speaker, professional and personal development expert, and teacher.

She has “refired” her own career several times over the years, working in healthcare administration, labor relations, marketing, academia, chaplaincy, and most recently as minister. Sophia believes we should each be living the life we love and that it is our individual responsibility to transform the world– one thought, one word, and one action at a time.

To that end, she offers seminars, webinars, and group and one-on-one coaching through her nonprofit Embracing Greatness International. Sophia is an ordained Unity minister, bringing underlying spiritual principles to her work, and has her Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University

Meet Our CEO and Event Sponsor:
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> Best Selling Author of the book " The Obvious"

> Top 30 GLobal Business Coach 5 years in a Row by Guru Magazine (Top 10 2021)

> Founder of Powerteam International in 2006

> Featured Expert in the New Movie " Beyond The Secret"-The Awakening"

> Given Over 5000 presentations to over One Million People


Powerteam International is one of the leading Success Education companies in the world! PTI offers VC funding, business coaching & world class programs such as the Rainmaker Summit Entrepreneur Success Ptrogram, Platinum Speaker Training Program and the WIN Global Mastermind. The programs are specifically designed to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to create even greater sucess in today's economy.

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"When you go to a Powerteam event you either expand or become expandable, you will be streched and get a logical vision of yourself. You will learn the methods and techniques that will take your career, your business and your income to the next level. Always strive to be at the top because the bottom is overcrowded"-Les Brown World's most renowed motivational speaker.

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For the right person who wants to become a sought after speaker we highly recommend leveling up to ICON and or Platinum Speaker Program with our Mentor and CEO Bill Walsh of Powerteam International.

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Ask Michelle Complimentary Public Speaking Planning Session


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