Healthy Living Talk

Sun Nov 28 2021 at 11:00 am to 01:00 pm

148 Arab St | Singapore

Healthy Living Talk
A scientific & holistic approach for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing
About this Event

by Dr.Renuka Sreedevi

Anesthesiologist, Health coach, Educationist, Yoga instructor & Mom

Evidence based healthcare education

Bridging the difference between knowing and knowledge

Why do I need this information?

The media is flooded with information on health care and lifestyle disease prevention. Most of this information is often not reliable, lacking scientific reasoning, reference or factual evidence. This talk is for those individuals who want to really understand the science behind health and wellbeing based on evidence-based medicine.

How will this information benefit me?

Once the physiology and pathology of what constitutes health and disease is understood, one will be able to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Specific focus areas:

Introduction to health and wellness

Dealing with Diabetes, Obesity, Depression, Anxiety & Stress disorders

Food and Nutrition: Ayurveda concepts

Exercise options

Mental& Emotional strengthening

Diabetes- Type 2

Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are preventable. About 9 in 10 cases in U.S can be avoided by making lifestyle and dietary changes(Harvard school of public health).

Stress, Depression, Anxiety

“Our brain’s survival mechanisms once saved us. Now they can threaten our mental health”. Stress, anxiety & depression go hand in hand and needs social awareness and medical support (Kathleen, Yale Medicine).

Obesity-Metabolic syndrome

The interaction between diet, gut hormones, fat cells & the brain are being further researched to understand the neuroimmune mechanisms underlying obesity (University of Oxford-Medical sciences division). ,

Fitness: Nutrition & Exercises

“Therapeutic yoga is defines as the application of yoga postures and practice in the treatment of health conditions…to prevent, reduce or alleviate structural, physiological, emotional and spiritual pain” (Catherine, International journal of Yoga).

 Dr. Renuka, an anesthesiologist by profession, will be conducting a preventive healthcare awareness { physical and mental health issues} talk at Crane Arab Street (148 Arab Street).

Free Entry for Crane members, $5 fee for non-members. A drink will be provided to each attendee.

This event takes place at Crane's new branch at 148 Arab Street. Fully vaccinated adults only. Please keep to the social group numbers as per restrictions in place during this time.

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