Healing Day Retreat : RISE: Cacao Ceremony. Cosmic Breathwork.

Sun Aug 21 2022 at 11:00 am to 05:00 pm

Ashtanga Yoga School | Manchester

Michelle Cleasby
Publisher/HostMichelle Cleasby
Healing Day Retreat : RISE: Cacao Ceremony. Cosmic Breathwork. Healing Day Retreat *
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About this Event

Ready for a unique deep healing experience?

Michelle and Craig combine their years of experience and magic to create a powerful healing space for you to journey inwards.

Experienced our ceremonies in the past?

You know the energy they hold. Welcome to the next level.

New to who we are and what we co-create?

Michelle is a Master Energy Healer, holistic therapist and modern day medicine woman.

Bringing a range of energy medicine modalities into the space, we will be working with the highest vibration angelic frequencies. Ascended masters, cosmic healing and powerful kundalini energy transmissions.

Michelle has a deep passion for the healing abilities of cacao, after completing Master of Ceremonies training with the Cacao God himself Liam Browne, the love continued to grow. Guiding her to Central America where she immersed with medicine women to deepen her connection to the heart opening medicine.

Craig is a holistic coach, best known as the breathwork master and rightly so, his knowledge, wisdom and passion for breathwork beams out far and wide.

The best (or worst for those that have experienced it) kept secret is the fact that Craig has a way of working with energy that goes far beyond breathwork.

Craig is a powerful energy alchemist, combining kundalini bodywork techniques with breathwork allowing for deep energetic and physical healing.

Michelle and Craig have a way of working together intuitively that comes with years of friendship, co-facilitation and healing, holding space for hundreds of souls together on their healing journey, this is their passion and life's work. This creates space for people to feel safe for deep healing and transformation to take place.

We bring you:-


RISE is a day retreat that combines the well loved aspects of our Cacao and Shamanic Breathwork Ceremonies with the luxury of deep kundalini energy healing & transmissions, nourishing vegan food and drinks to share after the healing to ground, integrate and chat with like minded people, a gift bag to take away to keep the healing energy flowing at home, as a reminder and celebration of your commitment to yourself and your healing.

The time has come for deep transformation.

The time has come to RISE.

It’s time to alchemise the pain of the past. Integrate the lessons and release what’s no longer serving.

What do you want to release?

Guilt, shame, unworthiness, grief, anxiety, depression, addiction, fear, trauma?

What would you like to bring in?

Confidence, empowerment, forgiveness, courage, compassion, abundance, love, acceptance, joy, bliss?

Gift yourself the luxury of being held by trauma informed facilitators while we create the space for you to transform pain into pleasure.

The day will be deep work, we’re keeping the group intimate to allow for individual healing energy transmissions to alchemise anything that's no longer serving.

This is a journey of trust.

Do you trust yourself that you know this is the space for you?

The space that you choose to heal and RISE.

We trust the souls that are ready will join.

Michelle and Craig hold space individually and together.

The value of this retreat day if attended one to one is over £1100, keeping healing spaces accessible is part of our life’s work as healers in service. This is a unique opportunity to attend a luxury healing retreat as a group for a fraction of the price.

This is a luxury you deserve and we celebrate you, we will nourish you with vegan food, fresh juices and smoothies, desserts and treats, we will raise a glass of alcohol free prosecco with you, in celebration of the work you are choosing to do.


With love

Michelle & Craig


EARLYBIRD until 12pm 7th August to receive a £19 discount


Breathwork is a fantastic practice that allows you to dive deep in to yourself while bringing many health benefits to mind, body and soul. Breathwork provides the opportunity for self-healing and feelings of freedom from blockages that we have accumulated on our journey. Due to the nature of breathwork sessions you must read and accept the following wavier before taking part, as it involves emotional release and physical sensation with expression, your experience is guided with safety by your facilitators but those facilitators cannot be held responsible for any mental, emotional or physical challenges that may arise from these sessions. Please do take care and responsibility of your wellbeing by listening to your body and adhering to these guidelines. Please note the important contraindications below.

To make the most of this session, please:

Wear comfortable clothing and layers to stay warm.

Fast for at least 4 hours before the event to ensure you get the most out of it, to allow the cacao to be absorbed quickly.

Ensure good hydration prior to attending, but do not drink lots of water just before entering.

Bring water

Do not be intoxicated from alcohol or drugs from within 24 hours.

Bringing a journal to write down your experience at the end can be helpful.

Bring any small, clean items that you feel help your spiritual practice for the alter.

Please note this practice is not a substitute for medical advice. If you experience any of the following, you should consult your GP or healthcare provider first:

Contraindications for breathwork are as follows: Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or psychosis, PTSD, epilepsy, heart conditions or arrhythmia, COPD, delicate pregnancy, pre-existing lung disease, high or very low blood pressure with a history of fainting or any recent major surgery or taking any medications or have any medical conditions. You must inform the facilitator BEFORE the session.

You understand that even though you are accepted as a participant you are responsible for any consequences resulting from this breathwork session and you take full responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

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Ashtanga Yoga School, Duke Street, Manchester, United Kingdom


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