Happy Humanimals: Snugs & Connection (Northeast Seattle)

Wed Dec 20 2023 at 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm

blosm studio | Seattle

Happy Humanimals
Publisher/HostHappy Humanimals
Happy Humanimals: Snugs & Connection (Northeast Seattle) You are invited to a nourishing, playful, heart-centered, connective gathering of humanimals...
About this Event

In the first part of this playshop, you’ll have a chance to connect one-on-one with half of the participants, through a broad and creative expanse of platonic physical and energetic exercises. These mini-games will offer opportunities to: relax and awaken your body, express your yesses and nos, and practice asking for what you want in a playful and low-stakes environment.

Later in the evening, we’ll have free time on the cushy Touch Playground! Facilitator support available throughout. Trade massage, make a “puppy pile” or "spoon drawer," ask to be serenaded while someone pets your hair… what is it that will nourish you in the moment?

All touch will be fully clothed, optional, nonsexual, verbally requested and granted, malleable and veto-able at any time.

This event is designed to be satisfyingly engaging for snuggly newbies and pros alike!

Co-Facilitated by Ian and Anna Joy.


Our events are donation-based, and we offer the following guidelines:

  • $40 — Standard
  • $60 — Supporter — Enable another community member with fewer resources to join
  • $100 — Benefactor — Enable several community members
  • $20 — Supported — Be supported by community

If this is not financially accessible for you, please reach out, and we would be happy to try to find an alternative arrangement that works for everyone.

Ticket sales end day-of-the-event at 5pm.

No tickets will be sold at the door.

Complete 1 registration for each attendee. If you purchase a ticket for another person, please use their name and email address.

Max attendees: 20. Come solo or with a friend or partner. There will be no attempt to gender-balance.

Other details

If you are feeling sick or test positive for COVID prior to the event, we are happy to offer a full refund. We are no longer requiring proof of a negative rapid test.

6:00pm Arrival time = find street parking in Cap Hill & walk to the venue.

Doors closed and locked at 6:30pm.

This is an alcohol and drug-free event. Except for oxytocin. We’ll collectively manufacture loads of that. :)

While this event is strictly platonic, we require all participants to be 18 or older.

Please note that Happy Humanimals events are not a therapeutic setting, and the facilitators are not operating in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, we welcome you, but please do not consider this practice as a substitute for such care.

About Your Event Leaders

Anna Joy Reedy (she/her) found herself in a cuddle puddle on a dance floor being fed grapes by frolicking little fairies (children). She thought, “this is too good – I must recreate this and share it with the world.” After completing the Cuddlist and other field-specific trainings, she’s continued to learn in relation to this modality under the guide of the inquiry: "How Can I Love Myself and Others the Best?"

Ian Wilson (they/them) is a cuddle and consent facilitator. They studied facilitation with Cuddle Party facilitators Madelon Guinazzo and Adam Paulman. Ian is a an avid cuddler, dancer, hiker, artist, and creator.

FAQs<h4>What if no one wants to cuddle with me?</h4>

That’s a completely normal concern! A lot of people have this worry, some even if it’s not their first time.

While cuddles and touch are not guaranteed, here are 3 reasons to come anyway:

1. The first part of the event is a workshop where you’ll have an opportunity to interact with half of the other participants and to start building some semblance of sweet connection. You might revisit these connections later in the evening and they might act as a bridge during freetime.

2. We think you’ll take something valuable from the workshop, even if that’s all you participate in. In the structured part of the event, you’ll have a chance to explore embodiment, feeling and verbalizing desires, and saying and receiving yesses and nos.

3. This event is a great place to feel into a growth edge, whether that’s learning about what you want, practicing your “no,” or anything else. We invite you to come because you are afraid, not in spite of it. Your resilience and innate ability to care for yourself may surprise you.

If at any time you are struggling or would simply like an “ear to hear,” your facilitators will be available to listen or consult.

<h4>What happens if I get turned on while I’m snuggling?</h4>

No shame! Arousal is perfectly natural when in contact, and many people have exclusively experienced snuggling as a form of “foreplay.” AND in Happy Humanimals, the turn-on is not to be acted upon. So, there is a potential for rewiring here: expanding the potential for snuggles to become inclusive of platonic touch.

In the moment: You may take a break to “cool off,” have some water, come back & snuggle on! Or try keeping a skooch of distance between your pelvis and another’s. Or engage in a totally different type of interaction, like a shoulder massage. Or (advanced technique), breathe that fiery 2nd chakra energy up into your heart! And if you need more help, ask a facilitator.

<h4>Is this dating?</h4>

Nope! Nothing to do with it. That being said, if you would love to stay connected with someone after the event is over (e.g. to snuggle on!, become friends, etc.), you may respectfully offer your contact info (with zero expectations); please do not ask for anyone’s contact info.

<h4>I’m LGBTQIA+. Is Happy Humanimals hetero-normative?</h4>

Nope! Happy Humanimals isn’t focused on sexual attraction, and thus there will be zero exercise pairings based on gender or sexual orientation. Welcome!

<h4>Is this a good event to work through my touch-trauma?</h4>

NO. If you have unhealed touch trauma in your life, please bypass this event and seek professional, one-on-one help until you are at a place where you are not knowingly triggered by touch or emotional intimacy with strangers. (Somatic Experiencing and Certified Sexological Bodywork are two types of excellent somatic-based therapies.) Blessings on your healing!

<h4>Can I bring my partner and only pair with them?</h4>

You are more than welcome to come with your partner and to stick with them for part or all of the night, and you are hereby strongly encouraged to “branch out” to play with others! A really magical thing happens when you can see yourself in a connected and contented “hall of mirrors,” and YOU are the common denominator! :)

<h4>I'm more interested in one-on-one cuddling; is that available?</h4>

Anna Joy and Ian are both available for one-on-one Cuddlist sessions:

  • Anna Joy’s SE Informed Cuddlist practice
  • Ian’s Cuddlist practice

<h4>How do I keep up to date with future Happy Humanimals events?</h4>

We have a Happy Humanimals newsletter you can sign up for! We send an email about once per month, and you can see past letters by clicking on "View Letter Archive."

Other Qs?: Email Ian @ [email protected].

Event Venue

blosm studio, 12549 28th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, United States


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