Halloween Paint What You Want @ Freedom Park (Paint in the Park)

Sun Oct 30 2022 at 02:30 pm to 04:30 pm

Freedom Park | Charlotte

Cody Hanes
Publisher/HostCody Hanes
Halloween Paint What You Want @ Freedom Park (Paint in the Park)

Got something you'd like to paint? Bring a picture of your favorite spooky monster, your pet, or whatever else! Supplies included.

About this Event

*Please Read Full Description*

This is a free-for-all painting day/workshop. We are going to meet in the park, and paint whatever we want! Instructor (Cody) will be present to lend some tips/advice if you'd like some! Some ideas:

Y´╗┐our favorite spooky character from a scary movie

You could bring a picture of your pet

The natural scenery in the park around us

Work on an abstract piece, inspired by autumn/Halloween colors

But it's up to you! I can help you paint whatever!

*We will also be listening to light music while we paint you are welcome to contribute a couple favorite songs to the playlist!

The ticket price includes:

help with your painting (if you want; optional)

your canvas (you obviously take home after)

paint and paint brushes (for temporary use)

and water bottles

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Super Important Details about Location (Freedom Park)

The exact location of the class/workshop is Shelter #6 at Freedom Park. Please make sure to read all of the following details before purchasing your ticket!

1: Parking/Walking to Location

I've attached an illustrated map which shows where we are meeting, and where you could potentially park at Freedom Park. The official address (1415 Princeton Ave, Charlotte, NC 28209) given is for the baseball field in the park, and it is the closest parking to our location (about 0.15 mile walk). Please make sure to view the map. We are meeting at Shelter #6 (see map for exact location).

*Once you park, you are welcome to give me a call, I will send out my number in the order confirmation, I am always able to help people find us in the worst case scenario.

2: It might be cold

You are encouraged to dress warmly, and just be aware that it could be a little chilly. We are meeting in a shelter, there is no heating.

3: In the Event of Rain

You will be given a refund in the event of heavy rain and/or storms. I will also cancel the event for extreme weather. In the event of light rain, I will still hold the event, but you can get a refund if you prefer (rainy day painting can actually be a lot of fun... just bring an umbrella to get from parking to the shelter!)

4: Try to get to the park about 15-30 minutes early

So you have time to find parking and the painting location!

Event Photos

Event Photos

Event Venue

Freedom Park, 1415 Princeton Ave, Charlotte, United States


USD 10.00

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