Godfrey Devereux @ Prague Spirit Festival 2024

Tue Apr 23 2024 at 06:00 pm to Thu Apr 25 2024 at 09:00 pm

Little Spirit Nest | Prague

Prague Spirit Festival
Publisher/HostPrague Spirit Festival
Godfrey Devereux @ Prague Spirit Festival 2024
Godfrey Devereux @ Prague Spirit Festival 2024
3 DAYS“ EARLY BIRD PRICE till March 31tst 5.750 CZK

ÚTERÝ / TUESDAY 23. 4. 2024
THE EVERYDAY MAGIC OF PATANJALI + Q&A | 90 minute dissertation / in English
6 pm – 7.30 pm
Godfrey will apply his forty years of practice and teaching to unlocking the deep and powerful simplicity of the Yoga Sutras. When approached as map to the interior journey beginning in the body, Patanjali’s text reveals enough wisdom for a lifetime of both practice and living. Godfrey will articulate Patanjali’s vision of the meditative mind as deeply somatic, accessed by way of the body and its inner rhythms and currents. There will also be an emphasis on the role that the five factesed diamond of yama must play in clarifying perceptiopn, transforming behaviour and harmonsining relationships.

PRICE: EARLY BIRD till March 31th: 990 CZK / AFTER: 1.250 CZK
BOOKING: [email protected] + CODE: GODFREY1

STŘEDA / WEDNESDAY 24. 4. 2024
YOGA, SOMATICS AND ENGAGED RESILIENCE | 3 hour Workshop / in English
6 pm – 9 pm
Traidtional Spiritual Practice, including yoga and meditation, have focussed exclusively on the inner life. They have been directed to our spiritual needs and nature, at the cost of our social nature and its needs. For those of us living in a turbulent, divisive world this may not be enough. Yet, when yoga and meditation practice are given to Natural Intelligence, rather than tradition, they offer potent rewards and resources. By basing postural practice on the somatic intelligence of the body it recovers its inherent integrity effortlessly, without struggle. This grounding in the wisdom of the body both carifies and validates Patanjali’s exposition of the eight limbs of yoga. By harnessing the sensitivity cultivated in a somatic postural practice, meditation becomes an effortless surrender into the fortifying depths of your Spiritual Heart. This workshop will activate somatic intelligence to access the spiritual dimension of being human so that the invulnerability of your Spiritual Heart can infuse your life with empathy, compassion and solidarity.
PRICE: EARLY BIRD till March 31tst: 2.500 CZK / AFTER: 3.500 CZK
BOOKING: [email protected] + CODE: GODFREY2

ČTVRTEK / THURSDAY 25. 4. 2024
THE PLAY OF THE DIVINE: SLOW TANTRA SESSION | 3 hour Workshop / in English
6 pm – 9 pm
Tantra is a Somatic Spirituality that reveals the divine nature of all phenomena. In doing so it spontaneously transforms your relationship to yourself, others and the world into a deeper harmony. Tantric practice transforms the energies of desire and pleasure into love by way of intimacy with sensation. This releases the healing power of internal pleasure, which dissolves neuromuscular resistance, accessing the sensitivity and openness of your Spiritual Heart. This allows your relationships with others, and the world, to become fertilised with empathy, compassion and delight.
This session will initiate you in the core somatic practices of Slow Tantra. Gentle, rhythmic movement will activate the pleasure nature of your body. Guided stillness will quieten your mind and access your Spiritual Heart. Passive sharing will release the inclusive boundarylessness of your Spiritual Heart into your experience of the ‘other’. Together they will allow you to more easily and fully experience the spiritual, dimension and divine nature of your life just as it is.
There will be nether nudity nor sexual activity during the session. Rather, we will be releasing and exploring the underlying power of sexual energy to nourish and heal when allowed to flow freely without any need to repress or express it. Passive intimacy with desire and pleasure allows them to transform into the Presence of Divine Love and activates your capacity for empathy and compassion.
PRICE: EARLY BIRD till March 31tst: 2.500 CZK / AFTER: 3.500 CZK
BOOKING: [email protected] + CODE: GODFREY3

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Little Spirit Nest, Ve Smečkách 22,Prague, Czech Republic

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