Goddess Opening Symposium

Sat Apr 06 2024 at 02:00 pm to 03:15 pm

ArtScience Museum | Singapore

ArtScience Museum
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Goddess Opening Symposium
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?️ ???????? ?????????: $??
??????? ??????? ????????? explores the screen goddess as a complex archetype that transcends gender binaries and continues to evolve.
Organised in conjunction with the launch of ???????: ?????. ????. ?????????. at ArtScience Museum, the programme engages with curators, archivists and artists to consider developing debates and inclusive narratives in gender, media and culture. It also spotlights the articulate, powerful and generous vision of women directors in Singapore, bringing them into a conversation on redefining representation in filmmaking.
Speakers include ?????? ??????? (Curator at ACMI), ?????? ???? (Photographer), ????????? ???? ??????? (Fashion Designer and Couturier), ??????? ?????????? (Film Programmer at Asian Film Archive), ??? ??? ??? (Film Director), ??? ???? (Film Director), ?? ??? ??? (Film Director), ???? ????-??? (Filmmaker and Educator) and ?????? ???????? (Film Director and Photographer), and more.

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2.00pm – 2.05pm
Welcome and introduction
2.05pm – 2.15pm
Opening remarks by ????? ?????? (Vice President of Attractions and ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands)
2.15pm – 2.35pm
?????? ??????? (Curator at ACMI) on the curatorial development of ??????? for the launching iteration at ACMI in Melbourne, Australia
2.35pm – 3.00pm
??????? ??? (Curator of Exhibitions at ArtScience Museum), ????? ??? (Assistant Producer of Event and Exhibitions at ArtScience Museum) and ???? ??? ???????? (Curator at ArtScience Museum) on the adaptation of the exhibition and its evolved narratives for the Singapore iteration of ???????
3.00pm – 3.20pm
?????? ???? (Photographer) on framing icons and his body of photographic work on Asian cinema and Hollywood
3.20pm – 3.35pm
????????? ???? ??????? (Fashion Designer and Couturier) on the evolution and significance of the kebaya in screen culture, fashion and modernity
3.35pm – 3.50pm
??????? ?????????? (Film Programmer at Asian Film Archive) on women in cinema and the film archive in transforming the gaze
3.50pm – 4.10pm
Q&A with Bethan Johnson, Deborah Lim, Russel Wong, Sufiyanto Amat Sopingi and Viknesh Kobinathan
4.10pm – 5.15pm
Filmmakers in Focus: Roundtable with ??? ??? ??? (Film Director), ??? ???? (Film Director), ?? ??? ??? (Film Director), ???? ????-??? (Filmmaker and Educator) and ?????? ???????? (Film Director and Photographer), moderated by ????? ?????? (Curator of Public Programmes at ArtScience Museum)

????? ???????: ?????. ????. ?????????.
Across 120 years of moving image history, ??????? celebrates the daring superstars who challenged narratives, defied expectations and transcended boundaries.
From Michelle Yeoh performing her own martial arts stunts and Anna Tsuchiya subverting the enduring stereotypes of Japanese cinema, to Laverne Cox championing the rights of marginalised communities, these screen legends possess inspiring qualities that are relevant to us all.
Featuring behind-the-scenes footage, sketches, and original costumes, including those worn by Marilyn Monroe and Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi, ??????? takes you on a journey through the lives of the stars from classic Hollywood to the modern day.
The exhibition highlights cinematic achievements from Hollywood, Hong Kong, Bollywood and beyond. From martial arts styles that crossed over to American action movies and the impact of the golden age of Malay cinema in Singapore, ??????? demonstrates the legacy of film – that extends far beyond the silver screen.
??????? was developed and curated by ACMI, with additional content contributed by ArtScience Museum’s curatorial team.
For more information on the exhibition, please visit: https://www.marinabaysands.com/museum/exhibitions/goddess.html

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ArtScience Museum, Artscience Museum Marina Bay Singapore, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 01, Singapore,Singapore


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