Get Over your Holiday Blues

Thu Dec 21 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Oslo | Oslo

Juniper McKelvie
Publisher/HostJuniper McKelvie
Get Over your Holiday Blues
Transform stress and negativity around the holidays into inner peace and joy
About this Event

What if you don't feel the joy and togetherness you "should feel" for the holidays?

Simply remember that amidst all the expectations and family dynamics, you deserve a moment of peace, a gift to yourself, no strings attached.

From traveling in unpredictable weather to families that just don't get along or aren't present, there are many reasons a holiday about joy turns into stress. But we don't have to let other people, events, or commercialism control how we feel.

You have a right to feel peace, love, and aliveness - always - and this holiday season is no exception. No big happy family or presents required.

We'll come together to enjoy secular meditations that spark feelings of peace and calm in the body.

Then we'll explore how imagination can illuminate the body-mind connection and help you create your own holiday narrative, one in which you feel peace no matter your holiday situation.

This event is open to anyone, no meditation experience required, and those who feel at odds with the holidays are especially encouraged to attend.

Together, let's create peace in ourselves and then let that peace ripple out to the world around us. This is the true blessing.

*This event will be in English without translation

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The event host, Juniper McKelvie, is a freelance nun who draws on her 25 years of meditation experience to help people find inner peace no matter their religion or beliefs. She's also an actor who has learned how to integrate creativity and imagation into meditation, offering a unique perspective on the spiritual path.

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This is me, Juniper McKelvie, the human on the right and the host of this event. Poppy the horse taught me so much about inner peace.

After 25 years of practicing meditation and over 10 years of teaching it, I've done the impressive feats: lived in a monastery for over a year, developed a meditation app, taught mindfulness to hundreds of people online and in person. I've learned that peace doesn't depend on following one specific religion or meditation style. Imagination exercises actors do are excellent for creating peace, which is why I include acting techniques to teach peace. Horses are also master peace teachers, but I don't include them in online events.

I fuse storytelling and meditation to create transformative experiences in the free Pause for Peace workshops and through private and group coaching.

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