Fusion & Tango Fusion Dance Workshop with Emily Webb

Sat Jun 29 2024 at 11:15 am to 05:30 pm

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Fusion & Tango Fusion Dance Workshop with Emily Webb We are pleased to welcome back Emily Webb to teach another dance workshop!
Class 1: Deep Dance Connection
Do you want to up level your ability to lead and follow more intricate and advanced moves? If so, it's all about your dance connection. If partner dancing were a pearl necklace-- the moves are the pearls and connection is the string that holds them together. The stronger the string/connection the finer the necklace. This means more creativity, more fun, and more cool moves!
Get ready for an advanced and in depth look at connection. I will be teaching principles that I have gathered over years of dancing. All of which I wish I knew from the beginning
Class 2: Embracing the Opposition...
Because opposites attract; or at least they are super fun to dance with :)
Learn to feel when you are in opposition or with your partner (without looking!) and harness the power of opposition while maintaining connection with your partner. And better yet, how not to step on your partners feet and then seamlessly come back to center. We will explore a variety of ‘oppositional’ moves that will build your creativity and listening skills, while giving your standard dance moves a whole new look.

Class 3: Embrace, Connection & Moving in All Directions
Take your Fusion dance in any direction that you can imagine when you explore the boundless creativity that comes from understanding the structure and embrace of Tango. In this exploratory (and playful) class we will break down Tango connection, pivots and footwork to expand your dance foundation. The sky's the limit with just a bit of Tango spice in your dance!
Class 4: Ochos Inside Out: A Twist on Turns
Who says turning should all be on one foot? In this class we will play with the idea of split weight and single axis turns. Starting from a base of ochos from Tango, we will create a whole new line of movement and turns!
Cost for this workshop:
Early Bird $30-45 (sliding scale) until June 18th
Regular price $40-55 (sliding scale)
or $15 per class
Please use this form to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/140k_vk2aJ9CQePLLKs-Px6KGd2dHp6RVuxYEWadXdrI/edit
There will also be an evening social dance after the workshop at the Wave Lounge in the Blue Lake Casino featuring DJ Rachelle and DJ L Boogie!
Emily's Bio:
In 1996 Emily Webb began her love affair with partner dance. Through the years Emily has studied Tango, Swing, Salsa, Blues, and Fusion dance with some of the top instructors in the world. Today Tango and Fusion remain Emily's greatest dance loves.
Thousands of students across the US and Canada have benefited from Emily's dynamic and interactive teaching style. Through her years of teaching experience Emily has learned to make even the most complex movements simple and build them from the ground up. This means you will not only look good while you dance, but feel great to your partners too!

Event Venue

Artists on A, 3 5th St, Eureka, CA 95501-0333, United States,Eureka, California

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