Fuse Point Jam // open dance workshop with Naomi Matzeu Malchau & jam with DJ David

Sun May 29 2022 at 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Union KBH | Copenhagen

Fuse Point
Publisher/HostFuse Point
Fuse Point Jam \/\/ open dance workshop with Naomi Matzeu Malchau & jam with DJ David
14:00-15:00 Beginner friendly house dance workshop with Naomi Matzeu Malchau
15:00-16:30 Jam & open dancefloor with DJ David
Where: Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København First Floor (AULA)
Workshop & jam 60 kr.
Jam 30 kr.
(Mobilepay and Cash Only)

In my class, I place great emphasis on creating a safe atmosphere where every single participant will feel seen. I do that by working intuitively and in this way be flexible and accommodating towards facilitating the teaching that resonates with the mood and energy of the day in the room. In the same way, I adjust the focus of the day, depending on where the participants are in their process. My teaching style is organic - more doing less thinking - in this way the feeling of 'flow', which is characteristic of house music (and therefore also the dance), is naturally implemented. I always start with the basics and develop from there.

From producing high bpm, groovy house cuts to delivering equally high bpm and diverse DJ sets all around Copenhagen, Divad has quickly gone to become a steady figure on the electronic scene in Copenhagen. He's also an active force behind several events, from energetic Thursday parties at Kargo CPH, loungey summer settings all around town and soon an inclusive event-series, developed in secrecy. All done through BGM8S [Boogie Mates] Collective, which he co-founded back in 2017. Even though his roots are in House music,

Fuse Jams are all about the groove; about the movement in our bodies; that uncontrollable desire to jack your body; the journey in sound.
Club rules: Leave your baggage at the door and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Treat others with respect and have an open mind. Fuse Jam is a safe haven where we all can escape. Give others the space you want and dare to be yourself. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, sexism, racism, homophobia, or transphobia.

Fuse Point:
Welcome to Fuse Point:
We aim to support members of the dance and music culture and
ensure a safe and positive space. We want to create a space where you
meet each other with openness in a natural and relaxed setting.
We also want to create a deeper understanding and recognition of the
positive under-represented elements that these urban and street
culture contain. We have therefore set up a guideline for participation
in our activities.
Come with an open mind and give the space to others that you
yourself wants to be given to you.
We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, sexism, racism,
homophobia, or transphobia.
It is not allowed to consume or bring alcohol or other narcotics to
our activities.
We ask you not to take pictures of other participants without
permission. Our in-house photographer will take care of that. If you
do not want to participate in photos / videos, let us know before you
participate in the activity.
We strongly believe that communities, togetherness, inclusion, and
understanding flourish best when people, regardless of age, gender,
nationality, and skills, can meet in a creative environment.
Velkommen til Fuse Point:
Vi har til formål at støtte op om medlemmer i danse- og musikkulturen,
og sørge for et trygt og positivt rum. Vi ønsker at skabe et rum, hvor
man møder hinanden med åbenhed i en naturlig og afslappet ramme.
Vi ønsker ligeledes at skabe dybere forståelse og anerkendelse af de
positive og underrepræsenterede elementer som disse miljøer
rummer i sig. Vi har derfor opsat en guideline for deltagelse til vores
Kom med åbent sind, og giv den plads til andre som du selv ønsker givet til dig.
Vi tolererer ikke nogen form for diskrimination, sexisme, racisme, homofobi eller transfobi.
Det er ikke tilladt at indtage eller medbringe alkohol eller andre euforiserende stoffer til vores aktiviteter.
Vi beder dig om ikke at tage billeder af andre deltager uden tilladelse. Det vil vores interne fotograf tage sig af. Hvis du ikke ønsker at være med i billeder/videoer, så lad os vide det, før du deltager i aktiviteten.
Vi har stærkt tiltro til at fællesskaber, sammenhold, inkludering, og forståelse bedst blomster når mennesker uanset alder, køn, nationalitet og færdigheder får mulighed for at mødes i et kreativt miljø.

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Union KBH, Nørre Alle 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

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