Fueling Innovative Tech Leadership: The Power of Resilience & Compassion

Mon May 13 2024 at 05:30 pm to 08:00 pm

Citrus Club | Orlando

Raechel Canipe
Publisher/HostRaechel Canipe
Fueling Innovative Tech Leadership: The Power of Resilience & Compassion
Harness the transformative power of resilience and compassion to drive innovation in tech leadership.
About this Event

Dare to challenge the status quo with us at a groundbreaking panel discussion that dives deep into how resilience and compassion are not just vital traits but game-changing forces in the tech world. As the tech landscape shifts beneath our feet, these core values are dismantling outdated leadership models, fostering radically inclusive and forward-thinking workplaces. This event is a clarion call to all who believe in pushing boundaries and redefining effective leadership through innovative, compassionate, and resilient practices. Join us as we explore how these traits are revolutionizing team dynamics, reshaping workplace cultures, and spearheading the charge towards pioneering technological breakthroughs.

Event Highlights

Resilient Leadership: Discover how resilience in leadership is turning the tech world’s biggest challenges into its greatest innovations.

Compassion in Action: See firsthand how leadership rooted in empathy is building supportive, inclusive environments where creativity and well-being thrive.

Driving Innovation: Unpack how the synergy of compassion and resilience is crafting cutting-edge solutions and propelling the tech industry forward.

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Meet Our Speakers

Denise Musselwhite, Founder of Tech & Thrive™

Denise Musselwhite is a distinguished figure in technology leadership, known for her roles as Chief Information Officer and Board Chair—titles held by a mere 5% of professionals globally. As the founder of Tech & Thrive™, Denise has pioneered the T.H.R.I.V.E. operating system™, a personalized development framework delivered through tailored consulting, one-on-one coaching, and group programs. This system focuses on fostering growth and retention within diverse technology teams. Her transformative initiatives enhance both organizational and personal performance in the tech industry. Denise’s global influence is evidenced by her work with Nobel Peace Laureates through PeaceJam, emphasizing her dedication to leadership and empowerment on a worldwide scale.

Michelle N Moore, MBA, Founder of MindEQuity.org

Michelle N. Moore is a former Big 4 partner with a robust background in management and technology consulting across the US and Eastern Europe. In Canada, she led the tech consulting startup, Grantbook.org, to profitability. Since 2019, Michelle has been a part of MIT’s Presencing Institute teaching team, focusing on Social Presencing—a practice that blends mindfulness with organizational change. As the founder of MindEQuity.org, she is dedicated to helping knowledge worker teams enhance focus and performance through innovative workshops and consulting, emphasizing wellbeing alongside productivity. Michelle's compassionate approach extends to her volunteer work with refugee families, demonstrating her commitment to societal and community health.

Lindse Murphy, Chief Relationship Officer & Manager of the Altamonte Global Innovation Lab

Lindse Murphy, with her extensive background in psychology, business administration, and healthcare administration, now serves as the Chief Relationship Officer and Manager of the Altamonte Global Innovation Lab. A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Lindse has a rich clinical experience with diverse mental health challenges. She has held leadership roles in top healthcare systems, developing and managing behavioral health programs. Known for her advocacy in suicide awareness and public speaking across the country, Lindse is dedicated to integrating behavioral health insights into innovative tech solutions, enhancing both organizational and community wellbeing. Her leadership is marked by a deep commitment to mental health, resilience, and effective, compassionate innovation.

Moderator: Jessica Sudler, Operations Director of Rogue Mobile

Jessica is a dynamic startup operations professional with a rich background in education technology, focusing on educational programming, government compliance, and leadership of distributed teams. Currently, she directs operations at Rogue Mobile, helping to deliver technology and connectivity to low-income families across 26 states. With degrees in International Studies and Spanish, a Master’s in Project Management, and certifications as a ScrumMaster and PMP, Jessica excels in launching educational programs and livestream events that reach tens of thousands globally. Her passion for education, equality, and international studies drives her to work closely with entrepreneurs to build sustainable growth models.

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Meet Our Sponsor: Citrus Club

Located in downtown Orlando on the 18th floor of the Citrus Center, the Citrus Club combines panoramic city views with a sophisticated atmosphere ideal for professional gatherings. As a hub of networking and social engagement, the Citrus Club supports our commitment to empowering women in technology and entrepreneurship. Please note that while the venue is sponsored, drinks and food will be available for purchase on a self-pay basis.

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About Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship (WTE)

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship (WTE) is at the forefront of the movement to advance women in the realms of technology and entrepreneurship. With a defiant stand against traditional barriers and a commitment to breaking new ground, WTE offers a dynamic platform for education, resource access, and professional growth. Operating in multiple cities with a vibrant virtual hub, we provide a space for networking and innovation without the confines of membership fees.

Join us for an empowering evening where we celebrate the transformative impact of women in tech, tackle industry challenges head-on, and chart a course for a future where tech leadership embodies the best of innovation, inclusivity, and compassion.


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