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FREE Florida Concealed Carry License Course - Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville and surrounding area residents: we would like to offer you a FREE Florida Concealed Carry License Course! No hidden fees, no tricks or gimmicks, this course is absolutely FREE. And….90% of this course can be completed online within the comforts of home!
Here’s how it works:
• Sign up and complete the FREE online Florida Concealed Carry Course. We cover firearms laws, use of force laws, where you can and cannot carry, *new permitless carry law update, self-defense strategies, handgun fundamentals, gun safety, and much more.
• At the end of the course there will be a test. Pass the test (there are unlimited retakes) and print your certificate.
• You will be directed to sign-up for an in-person session where you will complete your state required live-fire (details below). This typically takes 20 minutes.
• Show up and complete the live-fire. THAT’S IT! Did I mention all of this is completely FREE?
Sign up for the online course here:
What to expect during your live-fire session:
Students will show up to the venue in smaller groups. The only equipment you are required to bring is a pair of safety glasses, sunglasses, or prescription glasses. We just want something that will protect your eyes. We provide all of the equipment. This course is completed indoors using training guns (normally simunition style blue guns). These guns are perfect for the new shooter. Low recoil, very little noise, and they fire a non-lethal round. Our qualified instructor will give a safety briefing and then review how to fire the training gun. He or she will walk you through the process and make sure you feel confident when you leave. This training is geared towards new shooters and we keep in mind that most new shooters are very nervous when they show up. DO NOT let being nervous stop you from attending! We specialize in building confidence and making you feel comfortable in our class.
We get this question a lot: Florida passed permitless carry on July 1st of this year, why do I still need a Florida Concealed Carry License. There are several benefits!
1) Reciprocity: The Florida Concealed Carry License is recognized in 37 other states in the U.S. Once you secure your Florida Concealed Carry License, you will be legally allowed to carry concealed in those states.
2) Purchasing a firearm: without a Florida Concealed Carry License you will be required to wait 3 days for your firearm once you make a purchase. With the license, you will be able to take your new gun home on the same day that you make the purchase.
3) Taking our course helps to protect you legally. We teach criminal and civil laws surrounding carrying a concealed weapon. We teach you the use of force laws so that you can avoid using excessive force if you ever have to protect yourself or your family.
4) Taking our course helps you to understand gun safety. We strive to make our communities safer by teaching our students how to safely handle and operate a handgun.
5) We provide a strong foundation of handgun fundamentals. Our course helps you to feel more confident and to be more proficient with your handgun.
6) This is a “one and done” course. This will be the only course that you ever need to obtain and renew your license. The Florida Concealed Carry License has to be renewed through the Florida Department of Agriculture every 7 years; but, you will never have to take this course again.
We normally charge $65.00 per person to take our course. Take advantage of this offer and join us in Jacksonville for this FREE course. Space is limited for the live-fire sessions. Get signed up today!
Sign up here:
Focused Fire Training has been training Florida residents for over 10 years! We have over 6,000 five star reviews. We take pride in the quality of our training!
Still not sure if you would like to sign up? Check out a few of these recent reviews:
“Great class!! I learned so much in my first steps to learning how to defend myself and my family!” -Ashley, student from June 2023 class
“This was an excellent class and I’m glad I took it. Very informative” – Sharon, student from April 2023 class
“Great class, very informative. Learned things I didn’t learn in the academy when I worked in corrections.” -Chantel, student from April 2023 class
About our instructors: Focused Fire Instructors are either law enforcement certified firearms instructors, or they are certified through the NRA. We employ instructors who have a background in training and specialize in training new shooters.
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