Final Gasp + Nyos - Hamburg - Hafenklang / Goldener Salon

Thu Apr 04 2024 at 07:00 pm

Grosse Elbstrasse 84, 22767 Hamburg, Germany | Hamburg

Final Gasp + Nyos - Hamburg - Hafenklang \/ Goldener Salon
A harrowing journey through all things Hardcore, Metal, and Goth, Mourning Moon drags the listener through the dark in 12 thrilling tracks, and drives a stake right into the heart of 2023's most compelling releases.
The foundation for Mourning Moon was built by two EPs—2019’s Baptism of Desire and 2021’s Haunting Whisper—both of which were born in the November-coming-fire of Glenn Danzig’s death rock legacy. In fact, Murphy and his bandmates—drummer Eric Lester, synth player Alex Consentino (a.k.a. dungeon synth overlord Ozeregroth), bassist Sean Rose, and guitar player James Forsythe—earned a reputation for drenching themselves in fake blood onstage.
“We’re obviously very influenced by Samhain,” Murphy acknowledges. “It really comes through on our earlier records, and it was fucking fun. It’s still fun. But with this album, we were just writing what felt right. There’re tons of different influences, like Killing Joke and Die Kreuzen, even Echo & The Bunnymen and SSD. But we’re not really thinking about other bands. We feel like we’ve tapped into something that’s our own.”
Finnish avant garde, noise-rock two piece NYOS return with their sixth full-length release: ‘Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever’. Combining the mutant funk-punk looping of Battles and Tortoise with a cinematic wall of sound akin to that of post-rock titans Russian Circles, NYOS continue to contrast their outstanding compositional complexity with live improvisations. First explored on the 2022 LP ‘Celebration’, this newfound call and response creative freedom on ‘Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever’ sees NYOS reach new heights of playful chaos and uninhibited, soaring joy.

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Grosse Elbstrasse 84, 22767 Hamburg, Germany, Große Elbstraße 84, 22767 Hamburg, Deutschland,Hamburg, Germany


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