Family Photos

Fri Apr 05 2024 at 11:00 am to 02:30 pm

Dark Gallery CPH, Ryesgade 103B, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark | Copenhagen

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Family Photos
"Family Photos" by Maria Heines inspects place, family dynamics, and the entangled nature of past and present.
"Family Photos" documents the artist’s time visiting family in America. Where she circled around family histories with her late grandfather’s old analogue camera, picking up pieces of the past found in the present. Searching for how previous constellations of abuse, neglect, and love materialise into current family dynamics.
During this process, the artist aims to ground herself in family history, but avoid fixing herself to a single narrative to die on a cross for. Visually she walks this fine line with repetition, clutter, empty space, barriers, and frozen moments to evoke both connection and disconnection within and between photographs.
“This project felt both necessary and overwhelming. It connects to my past, family nostalgia… but it also opened up histories that took a toll on me and the people around me. Sometimes family and these people that we love and that are so much a part of us… can be tricky. Loving them can be tricky. I hope my audience can take some time with my photos, and maybe it also helps them to hold the good, the bad, and all the uncertainties of their own stories with a bigger heart,” says the artist.
All images in Family Photos are analogue darkroom prints.
"Family Photos" will be displayed at Dark Gallery CPH from 5-27 April 2024. The exhibition will evolve with revisions from the artist as she works in the gallery on the 5, 12 and 20 April. Visitors are welcome to join her on these days to learn more about her process and photographs.
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Dark Gallery CPH, Ryesgade 103B, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark, Ryesgade 103B, 2100 København Ø, Danmark,Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark

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