Family Constellations & Ancestral Healing + Cacao Ceremony

Sun Apr 23 2023 at 10:00 am to 04:30 pm, Lower Road, London, UK | London

Be You Till Full
Publisher/HostBe You Till Full
Family Constellations & Ancestral Healing + Cacao Ceremony

When we gather for the purpose and intention of healing, we're able to receive new perspectives that may create lasting life transformation.

About this Event

If you'd like to experience a healing modality that is more embodied and may go deeper than talking therapy, this creative and somatic group session may be for you.

Some therapies may not reach as deep as they stay in 'your head'. In this workshop you have an opportunity to have deep embodied healing shifts, through physical movement and emotional release.

This workshop is based on the inspirational work of Bert Hellinger, whose profound approach acknowledges, respects and gently redirects the deeply embedded forces and dynamics in the family system.

All members of the family, including adoptees and those who are absent through death or separation, are energetically present in the family structure and affect other members. Similarly the suppressed emotions of past family members are also present and may be carried by others.

Unresolved issues that have been deeply buried in the unconscious are revealed and healed in this simple yet astonishingly powerful process.

Maria has facilitated Family Constellations over the past 6 years and participated in different styles for 10 years. She trained with Yishai Gaster and also learnt from all the private sessions and workshops she previously attended with many different facilitators including; Barry Musgrave, Svagito R. Liebermeister and Jill Purce.

This workshop is a mix of all the courses, workshops, shamanic ceremonies and private sessions she's had with other facilitators, including her own life experience over the past 13 years of doing inner work.


You'll be connecting deeper with your body, it's intelligence and the collective field that we are connected with.

There will be an opportunity for 3 people to open up their healing process in the group. This means that they will bring in a particular issue or intention that will be worked with. The rest of the participants will have the opportunity to become a representative and/or a witness.

A REPRESENTATIVE will embody the energy of a family member, place, person, animal or a concept of something like a dream, feeling, etc. In this position people often notice a resonance in their way of being, adopt body language or gestures of the person they're representing, similarities in the relationship dynamic they find themselves in or/and realise that the constellation they are included in has similar traumas as their greater family. It can be a deep somatic healing experience participating in this way.

Being a WITNESS is an important part as it can give you a new perspective on a dynamic in your family system, this new perspective may be enough for you to shift and allow other people to find healthier alignment as to where they belong. Witnessing someone else's process may bring healing to your own family, ancestors and future generations, whilst supporting the other people in your group's healing journeys as they transition into new ways of being.

Whether you are the person bringing in your healing process or joining as a representative or/and witness, everything seems to fall into greater alignment as we allow the field to reveal itself. You often receive insights, visions and shifts in your vibration in any of the positions that you participate in.

"Each constellation has the potential of what you may receive from a healing/therapy session."

No previous experience is needed. You'll benefit the most with an open mind and heart following the preparation suggestions that you'll receive. The session will finish with Sound Healing to help integrate the experience.


To watch how a group session may be facilitated check out Episode 5 'Thank the past' on the Netflix series Sex, Love & Goop. (Maria's facilitation is slightly different to Katarina's but in it's essence has similar principles.)


10-4.30 GMT on Saturday 23rd of April. 1 hour lunch break included.


The Lodge Space, 120A Lower Road, London SE16 2UB


Including Ceremonial Cacao + 30 min 'Support & Integration call'

• £150 'Main Constellator' One hour dedicated to your healing process (ONLY 3 SPACES AVAILABLE)

• £110 'Representative'

Including Ceremonial Cacao without call

• £120 'Main Constellator' One hour dedicated to your healing process (ONLY 3 SPACES AVAILABLE)

• £85 'Representative'

• £65 'Representative' / Concessions

***15 spaces available***


Maria is a mother, holistic therapist, empowerment coach, healer and workshop facilitator.

She has 14 years experience helping others privately and in groups, touching the lives of over a 1000 people and hosting 200+ classes, workshops and events.

She is qualified in Swedish Full Body Massage, Angelic Reiki, Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Matrix Re-imprinting, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Authentic Relating and Systemic Constellations/Ancestral Healing.

Maria has a unique ability to empathise with her clients as she herself is dedicated to her own inner work.


"In Family Constellations Maria Tjader holds space for others with grounded gentleness, knowing intuitively when to let others flow and when to add her presence to guide them when they need to participate. She does it with genuine love which creates such safety for others that they can open up to difficult truths and new experiences and insights. These unblock emotions and patterns of thought, freeing participants to realise and accept their own true nature more fully. Within 24 hours of participating in one of her courses I received the most loving and understanding communication from a family member with whom I had had so many misunderstandings that we were not talking with each other. Life changing and life affirming. Thank you so very much Maria." - David Treolar

“With no previous experience with Family Constellations, Maria made it feel safe and familiar enough to lean into the process. It was a powerful and healing experience, that has and will continue to transform my relationships. Thank you for your intuitive and sensitive presence in this process Maria. Highly recommend - no previous experience necessary." - Tina Carson

"Maria is very emphatic, has a calm and reassuring presence, which make us willing to explore our own family dynamics and the influence of our ancestors. With Maria, my own journey to come home to myself became so deep, intimate, and honest, and because of that now I embrace and honour my own trajectory, and I learned how to love myself unconditionally. With this session, I realised that there are so many similar family dynamics in so many different families. I learnt how powerful the influence of our family members are in our own journey. It was a really beautiful session that I will treasure for the rest of my life, and I will always be grateful to Maria for this" - Filipa Calado

"I've known Maria for about two years now, first as a facilitator then a friend. I've been to several of her events, including Dance of Life, a Constellation Workshop and have worked with her on a one-to-one basis. She's an incredibly intuitive person and can really feel people. I haven't quite met anyone like her! Every session I've done with her has left a mark on me." - Renée Lacroix


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Event Venue, Lower Road, London, UK, United Kingdom


GBP 65.00 to GBP 150.00

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