Family and Systemic Constellation workshop

Sun Apr 28 2024 at 10:00 am to 05:00 pm

Nareen Parade, North Narrabeen, NSW, Australia, New South Wales 2101 | Sydney

White Raven Healing
Publisher/HostWhite Raven Healing
Family and Systemic Constellation workshop
Experience profound healing, receive insights, shift perspectives on your family & yourself, let go of the past, making you feel more aligned.
- Would you like to be freed from any unhealthy relationships?
- Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your life?
- Do you have a persistent physical issue?
- Would you like some guidance in your life?
- Might there be a past life still affecting you?
- Do you have certain emotions and you don't know why?
Do you feel you are living your full potential? Or do you feel that something is holding you back?
We are all the product of our upbringing in one way or another. Even when we want to do things differently compared to our parents we don't always succeed. We end up having similar behaviors, much to our disappointment or maybe even our dis-pear. How can we change our behavior on a deep level?
By doing a Constellation you go back to the core to where it all started and get insight why a certain unhealthy dynamic was created within your family. Seeing the real reason for a family members behavior by shedding light on what was hidden before, you can feel more compassionate towards them and thereby to yourself as well. You discover a new way to relate to your family by restoring the Flow of Love. You will start to experience more ease in your life and you can start enjoying relationships that were challenging previously.
With a Constellation you can let go of what you have taken on from others and own what is yours. Stating the truth of this moment works very liberating, bringing relief and acceptance. Only when we become aware of these invisible family dynamics we are able to heal and let go of the past.
This work can be applied to any challenging relationships, lack of abundance, work related issues and physical symptoms.
Constellations are done with little talking apart from a few 'healing sentences'. We will tune into the different positions and let 'the Knowing Field' show us what is important.
In this profound healing process you will have the opportunity to be a part of other people's healing process as well as your own, during constellations and short systemic exercises. Drumming and toning can be part of the process as well.
We will conclude with healing sounds from Alchemy Crystal Bowls for integration.
The benefits from this workshop:
- more understanding, clarity and compassion in relationships
- insight in your hidden family dynamics
- a sense of balance & harmony
- being freed from invisible burdens
- restoring the flow of love
- receiving healing on a soul level
- feeling supported by your ancestors
- changes in your relationships, work, health, wealth and life
Paulien Gort has been regularly facilitating Family Constellation workshops since 2012. After finishing her training she deepens her knowledge of this work by regularly attending workshops by a variety of international facilitators.
Please bring your own lunch. Morning and afternoon tea is included.
Please contact me for concession price.
"I recently attended a Family Constellation workshop, not entirely knowing how it would unfold. It was a deeply profound session, which has left me feeling more sympathetic towards my family. The session opened up a lot of thoughts and emotions, leaving me feeling very curious about the how's and why's. It was a big shift, which I am still processing - in a very positive, compassionate way. I would like to continue the journey once I have processed my thoughts and feelings from the first session. It was very meaningful!"
Debbie S
"I have attended Family Constellation workshops and Sound Baths multiple times. It is always a very nourishing experience. Groups are just the right size, so that everyone has the opportunity to work on their own stuff and everyone has time for their processes.
I have recognized very unexpected positive changes a few weeks after the workshop. Calmer mind, peaceful inside and energetic shifts, new and unexpected opportunities started showing up in my life and I have become more open to receive them. It is beyond my comprehension, some channels have been opening and I'm at awe of this work.
Thank you Paulien"
Oksana P.

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Nareen Parade, North Narrabeen, NSW, Australia, New South Wales 2101, 54 Nareen Pde, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia,Sydney, Australia


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