Eyes Wide Open | Halloween in Venice, Italy

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Eyes Wide Open | Halloween in Venice, Italy
Imagine subterranean gothic crypts, houses that killed every owner, canal-side execution sites, entombed hearts and hands amidst Renaissance splendour, bloodbath bridges, and islands of haunted insanity sure to leave you shaken and disturbed … welcome to Venice! And Happy Halloween!
The decline of the Roman Empire in the fifth century led to the flourishing of the Venetian city state as people sought refuge from barbarian invasions on the islands of the Venetian Lagoon. By the 11th century, Venice became a thriving trading port, dominating trade between Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Its strong navy played a crucial role in this success. Venice also served as a critical stop for European Crusaders traveling to and from the Holy Land. The city's wealth and importance as a trading hub enabled the buying and selling of various treasures, including spices, precious metals, gemstones, ivory, silks, and glass. As trade continued to thrive, a prosperous merchant class emerged, joining the ranks of the nobility, and contributing to the support of Venice's renowned art and architecture.
Despite its association with romance, Venice is filled with mystical tales and ghost stories, from the flooded Crypt of San Zaccaria to the bloody bridge of Ponte dei Pugni and the Tomb of Antonio Canova’s heart and hands, the city is filled with tales of darkness, death, and ghostly apparitions, shrouded in mysteries waiting for us to discover!
Poveglia is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, populated as far back as the year 421 with the residents fleeing warfare in 1379 and from the time of the Bubonic Plague it became a dumping ground for the infected, dead, and dying. From the 1800s it then became the site of a notorious asylum for the insane, with the local doctor performing unholy experiments and tortures on patients, eventually leading the doctor to take his own life from the bell tower, supposedly driven insane from the ghosts of those he tortured. We’ll sneak onto the island and try to discover these ghosts, if you dare, and wander the ruins and towers of this abandoned, Chernobyl-alike, old asylum!
There’s no better place to chill your bones for Halloween, with parties planned atop roof gardens or among the piazzas and palazzos of this world-famous city.
Day 1 // Spooky Venice Arrival
After we land in Venice, we’ll make our way BY BOAT to the hotel for a quick check-in and dinner before we dive into the tombs of Antonio Canova and the flooded crypt of San Zaccaria! Among the piazzas, pontes, and palazzos of the city, we’ll find many dark tales and spooky stories to set our mood, we’ll have a strong vermouth to calm the nerves before we turn in for the night, assuming you can sleep.
Day 2 // Venetian Lagoon
Before we enter the Halloween moods, let’s take a look at traditional art of Venetians. To do this, we will need a private boat to take us on 2 most colorful islands in the lagoon, Murano and Burano.
We will sneak peak on famous Murano glass production and women making lace on the tiny island of Burano, considered as a dying art, in the age of remote controlled curtains and blinds. We will continue to carnival mask workshop, where everyone will get invited to design and paint the mask of their own, for upcoming Halloween party tomorrow.
Day 3 // Poveglia Island & Halloween Party
You’ll need a double espresso at breakfast before we head to Poveglia Island! We’ll make our way to the pier and set sail to one of the most haunted places in the world, once home to plague infestation, quarantine stations, and insane asylum experimentations. Wander the abandoned hospital and bell tower, listen carefully for any sounds of sorrow and fury, and head back to Venice in the afternoon for an early supper to regain our strength and share our ghost stories.
After late brunch in trattoria, we will head to the dark side of Venice.
Brace yourself, for an unforgettable night awaits where the past and present intertwine, revealing the darkest secrets of this mesmerizing Venetian labyrinth!!
For the rest of the Halloween eve we’ve picked 2 famous party spots to suit all moods, so get your dancing shoes ready!
Day 4 // Torcella Island & Departure
Cappuccino or two before we get back on the waters to Torcella Island for a stroll around the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and maybe take a seat in Attila's Throne. Last lunch in Osteria, before we call for our airport boat to take us for a flight back home.
Grade: Easy, not for faint-hearted.
Activity: Sightseeing, cultural immersion, experience dark side of Venice.
Cost: 4540 AED excl. flights until SEP 15th.
Room & Meals: Hotel 3* - double sharing, restaurant meals excluded due to variety.
Specifically excluded: Visa, meals, international flights.
Flights: direct Emirates EK-135 + EK-136 at 3,000 AED.
Visas: Schengen visa rules apply.
See yah in Venice x
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