Eye to Eye with Genghis Khan feat. Naadam Festival | Eid Break in Mongolia

Sat Jul 09 2022 at 06:30 am to Thu Jul 14 2022 at 02:00 pm

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Eye to Eye with Genghis Khan feat. Naadam Festival | Eid Break in Mongolia
Still shrouded in mystery despite its slow opening to the world, Mongolia is today a rapidly transforming nation. Yet with a glance at the world map, you will quickly understand why only now, 30 years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, this is happening.
Landlocked faraway in Central Asian, tucked between Russia and China, Mongolia is home to only three million inhabitants. And with grassland and desert steppe landscapes covering an area the size of Western Europe, a vast majority of the country’s population still uphold their ancestral nomadic heritage.
Genghis Khan, considered Mongolia’s founding father, came to power in 1206 by uniting several nomadic tribes of the Northeast. Establishing the world’s largest empire – superseded only by the British in the 19th Century.
Because in just a quarter of a century, Khan’s horsemen were able to conquer an area greater in size, and population, than the Romans ever could over centuries.
Here, more than half of Mongolian’s still live in round yurts called Gers – which are as mobile as they are. Yet Mongolia, as a nation, is a place of contradiction. For there is stark contrast between its capital – with its fancy restaurants and high-end shops – and the rest of the country, which still firmly upholds the traditional way of life.
And for this Trekkup we’ve put together only the very best of what Mongolia has to offer!!
Day 1: July 09 – Arrival
Welcome to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Post immigration clearance we will check in to our hotel. And then head to the Genghis Khan square and National history museum, followed by a folk concert and traditional dinner. In the late afternoon we saddle up for a 2-hour horse ride along the Baits Mountain in search of wild mountain sheep. No horse-riding experience is necessary because Mongolian horses are small. Tonight, we sleep in a Ger Camp (yurts).
Day 2: July 10 – Terelj-Gun Galuut Nature reserve – Ulaanbaatar sightseeing
Today we take a short hike to the gorgeously serene Aryabal hilltop meditation temple in the Terelj-Gun Galuut Nature Reserve. And once we’re all zen we will head back to Ulaanbaatar for the night, taking in all the capital’s sights, central square and National Museum when we arrive. At this time of year there is also a possibility of catching the “Deeltei Mongol” festival of National clothes. In the evening we’ll enjoy a traditional art performance, including famous throat singing and a contortion show. Tonight, we stay in a 4-star hotel.
Day 3: July 11 – Naadam! Naadam!
Today is Mongolia’s National Day – celebrated throughout the country – and will begin with an opening ceremony kicked-off by an elaborate ribbon cutting by the President, followed by colourful music and dance folk shows, parachute stunts and more.
The real fun, however, starts with the first round of wrestling, where 512 wrestlers from all over Mongolia will compete in the first round! After that, we will turn our eyes to archery competitions, where contestants have only their keen eye, firm hand, and experience to rely on.
Once the ceremony finishes around midday, we will then head to Khudag, for some horse racing. We will then continue our National Day celebrations in a nomadic Mongolian camp as we visit a family and sing our hearts out to some karaoke. Tonight, we spend the night in another Ger camp.
Day 4: July 12 – Biking to Khustai National Park
After breakfast we will take a short drive to our biking start point, where we will begin a 40km ride to the Khustai National Park. Tonight, we spend the night in a Ger camp.
Day 5: July 13 – Bogd Khaan
In the morning we will take a short drive to the Bogd Khaan valley, where we will walk a trail of 6-7kms leading to the Tsetsee Gun peak, to enjoy a picnic lunch. Then, we will continue to the Manzushir monastery, before heading back to the capital for free time and dinner. Tonight, we stay in a hotel.
Day 6: July 14 – Return
After breakfast, we will have time for some souvenir shopping – horse statues and cashmere are the top picks here – before heading to the airport for our flight home, as we wave goodbye to the land of Genghis Khan.
Level of difficulty: Easy, available for everyone
Duration: 6 days
Accommodation & meals: Hotels and Ger camps. Local meals included.
Requirements: Trekking shoes, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent.
Cost: AED4,750 excluding flights.
Excluded: Connecting flights, any costs related to visas on arrival fees, travel insurance.
Visas: We will have a group arrangement for visa on arrival, cost not included in the budget.
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