Event 1 of 4 - GROUND TO CROWN - 75 mins

Sun Nov 12 2023 at 08:45 am to 10:00 am

Yoga Theory | Adelaide

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Event 1 of 4 - GROUND TO CROWN - 75 mins GROUND TO CROWN is 75 min program designed to transfer your energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra through movement and stillness.
About this Event

GROUND to CROWN is a combination of four modules put together from Core + Vinyasa +Third-eye meditation & energy transference.

This 75 mins will work your body, align your spine and end with a third-eye meditation which will take you into your energy transference frequency.( Also referred to as Reiki). Here Prameet will share healing and empowering energy for your benefit.

Margaretha starts the class with a combination of Core and Vinyasa flow for about 60 mins allowing the energy to flow from the ground up, toward the crown chakra.

Prameet then takes you into the third eye meditation (one of the most powerful meditations) enhancing the crown chakra space thereby allowing for transfer of energy from the universe to you and back to the universe, allowing for your intentions to be manifested by at-least 50% better.

What is Core ?

The Natural deterioration of core muscle tissue begins as early as our mid 30's.

We might not notice it then, but without regular resistance training, core strength will likely have declined to the point where it's making daily life more difficult by the time, we reach the age of 50.

When we are talking specifically about strengthening and building core muscles (not necessarily seeing them, this is dependant on body fat composition) it can take anything from four - six weeks depending on what exercises you are doing along with eating habits.

What is Vinyasa?

Vinyasa Flow L2 class with an emphasis on our 3 Main Bandhas in Yoga +

Mula Bandha – The pelvic floor muscles

Uddiyana Bandha – The abdominals up to the diaphragm

Jalandhara Bandha – the throat

This Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class that focuses on improving balance, strength and flexibility whilst being mindful of our breath throughout the flow.

Some Vinyasa experience is recommended however class is suitable for most levels, with variations offered throughout to support beginners.

What is third- eye meditation?

What is meditation? Is it one state of being? Or are there many states of being? Does meditation have different stages? Or is it one stage?

Meditation has many stages, the initial stages are based around the senses, but as we advance, it evolves into watching.

Watching is the key, as meditation cannot be done, it happens, and when it happens, one must grab that frequency and memorise it, so one may repeat it again and again, in moments and not time.

In this 15 min seated session we practice connecting to the third eye, to initiate ourselves for further practie. Third eye meditation is one of the most powerful techniques to activate the third eye and move into the subconscious state of being.It is the subconscious where one can get upto 80% more effective manifestations.

What is energy transference?

Energy transference is essentially transfer of energy from one element to another. We are energetic beings and we are in constant exchange with the cosmos, all we have to do is tune in. The more we practice the better our transference becomes.

About Teachers:

Margaretha Mutsaers

Margaretha is a 500 hour RYT with YA and a regular teacher at Yoga Theory Studio.Her passion for empowering individuals combined with her intuitive ability to help align peoples postures both physically and mentally gives her the distinction of being a spiritual healer.

Margaretha applies her Yoga principles off the mat as she works with children

Prameet Kotak

▪️ Prameet Kotak is a wellness coach with 25+ years of global experience in the wellness industry.

▪️ He is a breathing specialist and also a sleep coach, offering tools for optimised breathing and enhanced sleep patterns, thereby enhancing performance.

▪️ He is an internationally acclaimed Life coach (Global systemic activation, Barcelona) Personal trainer (Australia), Yoga Instructor (India), Remedial Massage Therapist (Australia), and Energetic Transference Teacher/ Reiki / Shambhavi healer (India).

▪️ He is known for his personalized sessions, even in larger groups and his USP lies in combining tradition with science.

▪️ He serves corporates, gyms, sports teams, athletes, retreats, hotels, and individuals with tools leading towards a vision of healthier and happier communities.


✔ ️ Core + vinyasa hybrid class

✔️Third eye meditation

✔️Experience Energy transference so you may take it away with you


? Your physical posture

❤️Mental and emotional clarity

?Energised state of being

?Healing and nurturing energy

?Energy powerhouse

Please Note there is Event 4 to maximise your experience. You may also choose Event 2 and Event 3 as stand alone events if You cannot make Event 4. We suggest you sign up for all three events titled as Event 4 and join us for the complimentary lunch.

Event 4 = Event 1 + Event 2 +Event 3 + Lunch



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Event Venue

Yoga Theory, 181 Angas Street, Adelaide, Australia


AUD 35.00

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