European EV Thermal Management Summit 2024

Thu Jun 06 2024 at 09:00 am to Fri Jun 07 2024 at 05:00 pm UTC+01:00

美因河畔法兰克福 | Frankfurt

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European EV Thermal Management Summit 2024

Summit Background

Under the accelerating transition to smart electrification and energy-efficiency in automobile industry and with the commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 in Europe EV thermal management is embracing many new opportunities and need overcome more complicated challenges. Driving at ultra-low temperatures without range anxiety and preventing batteries thermal runaway require higher thermal performance and more advanced technologies. Passengers are also paying increasing attention to improved & customized cabin comfort and much longer driving range with less charging time. The EU has launched new regulations to strengthen supervision on cars’ energy-efficiency life-cycle safety and carbon reduction. EV thermal management professionals are extremely important to provide safe comfortable energy saving green low-carbon cost-effective driving experience with ultra-high range for passengers in a new era.

The summit will fully discuss emerging trends and pioneer technologies of integrated and efficient thermal management systems under net zero and sustainability goals within Europe. We will invite 17+ leading keynote speakers 200+ top industry experts and organize a panel discussion to provide insightful cases sharing and face-to-face Q&A networking opportunities for you to get comprehensive info about EU E-Mobility thermal management new policies explanation innovative integrated systems modules and optimized architecture design CO2 heat pumps and New-Gen HVAC systems long driving at high and ultra-low temperatures batteries thermal safety heating & cooling technologies smart climate control systems,high-power charging alternative refrigerants SiC chips and thermal materials etc. Participants will fully exchange successful sustainable and decarbonized practices to co-develop integrated and smart EV thermal management technologies for a net-zero future.


Event Date/ Location / Organizer

June 6-7,2024 / Frankfurt Germany / ECV International

The summit will be held in-person and online.


Hot topics

  • European EV Thermal Management Trends Analysis Legislation and Insights
  • Integrated Thermal Management Systems Architecture Optimization
  • Automotive CO2 (R744) Heat Pumps Development at Ultra-Low Temperatures
  • Low-Carbon Heating and Cooling Control System for Passenger Cabin Comfort
  • CTP Batteries’ Thermal Runaway and Lithium-Ion Batteries Recycling
  • 800-Volt Electrical System Architecture and Faster Charging
  • AI-Driven Smart Solutions to Transform Waste Heat into Electricity
  • Future Refrigerants and Different Heat Pumps Technical Paths in Europe
  • 1200V Cool SiC High Power Chips for Improving EVs’ Heat Dissipation
  • All-Solid-State Batteries Technology Development
  • Advanced HVAC Units and Improved Engine Cooling Efficiency Modules
  • Immersive Battery Cooling System
  • ……


Industry Sectors

Associations and R&D Institutes ; Thermal Management Technologies and Insights Advisory Services ; OEMs & Tier 1 Suppliers ; Integrated Thermal Management ; Battery Management Systems ; Electrical Power Systems ; Smart Thermal Control Systems ; Electronics Components Suppliers ; Data-Driven Analysis ; HVAC and Thermal Comfort ; 3D Simulation and Testing ; Thermal Materials Suppliers ; Sensors and Chips ; Refrigerants ; Thermal Management EV Fluids ; Connection and Sealing ; hillers ; Heat Pumps ; Electric Compressors ; Smart Thermal Control Valves ; Cooling Water Pumps ; Thermal Evaporation Systems ; Passenger Cabin Comfort


The 2nd European EV Thermal Management Summit 2024 is looking forward to your arrival.

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Event Venue

美因河畔法兰克福, Frankfurt, Germany


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