English Conversation Practice

Fri Mar 08 2024 at 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm

The Box Factory | Adelaide

Thor May
Publisher/HostThor May
English Conversation Practice
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Talk Topic: "Work-Life Balance"
Note: "Work-life balance" means the amount of time you spend working compared to the amount of free time you have. "Work-life balance" is the topic of many videos and articles, as well as social & political debate. e.g. There is a new law preventing managers from contacting workers at home in their free time.
Talking Points
1. How would you like to improve your present work-life balance? [Or study-life balance if you are a student]
2. How many hours of "quality time" do you have every day? (= time doing what you really want to be doing).
3. Which is more valuable: time or money? Why?
4. After Covid, many people are working from home. What are the benefits and risks with this for work-life balance?
5. Germany has about the highest productivity in the world. At work, you REALLY work. However strictly after 8 hours you go home. There is no mixing work and home life. In East Asia people typically work very long hours, even unpaid. However the productivity is usually much lower than in Germany. Which work system is best: German or East Asian? Why? [note: economic productivity = output per unit of input of labour+time+cost+capital ]
6. In some occupations some lucky people enjoy their work so much that they will continue it in their free time (e.g. How do you write a novel or become a football star?). However most people only work for money. On a scale of 1 [hate work] to 5 [love work], where are you? Why? 1-2-3-4-5
7. There is not only work-life balance to think about. In your free time there is another scale: 1 [waste of time] -2-3-4-5 [quality use of time] . In you life, what are some things which are a waste of time? What are some things which are a quality use of time?
8. Many people in Australia talk about "getting out of the rat race" (busy city life) and moving to a sleepy country town or coastal holiday town. Do you have any plans to get out of the rat race? How would you afford that?
9. When countries first industrialize (move from farming to city factory or office work etc) the working conditions are usually terrible. Eventually workers force the government to make laws about better working conditions, working hours and salaries. How far has this happened in your home country? How did it happen in Australia over the last 150 years?
10. Women often have a special problem with work-life balance. Why? How has this changed? How might it change in the future?

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The Box Factory, 56 Regent street,Adelaide,SA,Australia

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