Embrace Your Inner Nomad: How to Break Free and Craft a Life You Love Now

Wed Apr 12 2023 at 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm

Virtual via Zoom - Washington DC | Washington

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Embrace Your Inner Nomad: How to Break Free and Craft a Life You Love Now
Want to bust free? Get ready to be inspired by a Nomad to craft a life where you have more autonomy, freedom, & quality time with loved ones
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2-Day Workshop Via Zoom: Embrace Your Inner Nomad

Weds & Thurs @ 4:30 PST/ 7:30 EST

Hosted by Empowered Nomads and Coach Jags

Have you ever thought about ditching it all to become a nomad? Fresh air, freedom, and epic adventures oh my!

I see you over there, mindlessly scrolling. Dreaming. Maybe that is what is getting you through your workday. That was once me too….

Or maybe you have been busting your butt trying to climb that corporate ladder and feel like you are getting nowhere…. loans, bills, house payments - they are all adding up $$$. Now you feel THE ONLY next logical step is to get on the road and actually enjoy your life. (No judgment, that was also once me!)

I was also so busy doing things ‘by the book’ that I was starting to lose the sense of what I actually wanted out of life. Maybe you feel me here? (Great news: Travel is a fantastic way to re-discover yourself and explore your passions.)

But maybe your job is already remote. Score! You can literally work anywhere, but yet another year has gone by and you’re still not on the road yet. And that commute from your bedroom to your couch has you crying tears of boredom and isolation. Ouch.

It’s time to embrace your inner nomad!

Being a Nomad is a mindset. It’s about embracing the journey, the experience. It’s about having total autonomy over your life. Where you live, where you work, and who you are with. It’s also about downsizing your belongings AND your emotions. It’s about being present, exploring your surroundings. Reconnecting with yourself and nature. Connecting with other humans. Giving yourself space to just be. Feeling full with less. It’s about being happy where you are, and who you are with. Right now.

Sounds dreamy, right? But how do YOU get there?

Warning: This workshop is a bit different. Please bring all your burning questions, your travel buddy (totally optional), notepad and pen, and your adventurous spirit! There will be lots of time for interaction. With a real live nomad. (And maybe a few nomad friends too.)

Hey, I’m Jags. I am here to lead by example and show you it can be done! Yes, you can break free of social norms and craft a life you love. I have been living, working, and thriving on the road for 5 years. There are so many ways to nomad, the best part is YOU CAN craft your own journey. I got my start as a traveling health care practitioner, moved into a fully remote support position with a medical device manufacturer (ie. Zoom), and then started my own business, Empowered Nomads.

So many people asked me how I travel so much, and how they can do it too - I channel my health care background into helping others overcome their limiting beliefs, guiding them through the logistics of the transition to nomad, and helping them find their community and connections. Now they too can live, work, and thrive on the road. Are you next?

Alright, I hear you. Yes, there are a wealth of DIY resources smattered all over the internet. You totally can piece them together. I did. But many times that left me balled up next to my van and crying in a puddle. So what was missing?

Community, connections with like-minded people, guidance, and social support.

I transitioned to nomad the hardest way possible - forging my own path, alone, and against social norms.

In this workshop I will share all the lessons learned from a life on the road, so you can speed right past my ‘world’s biggest’ mistakes, missteps, and stumbles.

Here’s a teaser for you: It’s not about the perfect RV, the perfect road trip, or all the right gear…

The things that are really going to hold you back are the thoughts in your head at 3 am, building your confidence and emotional resilience, balancing work, travel, and your health, overcoming tough and new situations, staying safe, understanding what’s actually most important in your life, and how to find work you enjoy to keep you on the road. As well as getting on the road and keeping your (now long-distance) relationships with your house friends, dealing with extended time away, and loneliness. Finding your crowd and community.

Trust me, I struggled with all of this when I first hit the road, but I figured it out. But, boy did I make some mistakes along the way.

What changed?? I busted out of my comfort zone, found some support, let go of society’s beliefs, shed all that corporate programming, made friends in the nomad community, and gained the confidence to create a life I love (even though it’s not the social or career norm). Now, I have been thriving on the road for 5 years with no intention of ‘settling down’

When it really comes down to it, it’s all about mindset. Change your mindset and a whole new world will open up for you! One of freedom, adventure, and autonomy.

Join me, for this special workshop, where I share my journey to becoming a full-time nomad. Things will get tough, they will get messy, and you will have a blast. At the end of the workshop, you too will be inspired to craft a life where you have more autonomy, freedom, adventure, and quality time with the ones you love.


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