DISTORTED DISCO w Daniel Myer, Cervello Elettronico, Release Party for Ryuji Takeuchi (BLAME REC)

Thu May 02 2024 at 09:00 pm

The Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles

Los Angeles Industrial
Publisher/HostLos Angeles Industrial
DISTORTED DISCO w Daniel Myer, Cervello Elettronico, Release Party for Ryuji Takeuchi (BLAME REC)
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Distorted Disco is LA's reoccurring EBM / Industrial Techno / Rhythmic Noise / IDM
Daniel Myer (Sonic Groove)
Cervello Elettronico (HANDS)
In A Slaughter Brain (DJ/Hybrid set)

Daniel Myer, a visionary composer and producer who has left an indelible mark on the techno and house scene.From his early beginnings to his influential contributions, Daniel Myer's musical prowess has illuminated dancefloors and inspired countless artists and fans alike.
As a teenager, Myer began experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines, immersing himself in the worldof electronic music. This led him to form his first band, Haujobb, in the nineties. With Haujobb, he mergedelements of industrial, techno, and ambient music, pushing the boundaries of sound and captivating audiences with their innovative releases like "Solutions for a Small Planet" and "Vertical Theory."
Daniel Myer's talent for collaboration became evident as he worked as Remixer and collaborator with renowned artists like Depeche Mode, Alessandro Cortini, Camouflage, Black Line, Ben Lukas Boysen, Skinny Puppy, Recoil and many more. These collaborations showcased his ability to blend diverse musical styles while maintaining his unique sound and vision.
Myer's influence on the techno and house scene cannot be overstated. His work seamlessly fuses pulsating beats, atmospheric melodies, and intricate textures, transporting listeners to captivating sonic realms. He has been credited with introducing a fresh, introspective approach to electronic music, infusing it with a cinematic quality that resonates deeply with his audience. The release Matrix was accompanied with a Sample CD and wasused by Techno Artists, such as Oliver Huntemann, DJ Hell, Robag Wruhme or Laurent Garnier.
The musician's solo releases under various aliases, including Architect, Aktivist or Hexer have garnered critical acclaim for their meticulous attention to detail and emotional depth. Tracks like „Attack Ships On Fire“ and„ Voicestealer“ serve as prime examples of his ability to craft hypnotic and mesmerizing sonic landscapes that pulsate through the veins of the techno and house scene.
More over, Daniel Myer's work extends beyond the studio and into live performances, where he mesmerizes crowds with his captivating stage presence and ability to create a resonant, immersive experience. His performances at renowned festivals such as MUTEK and Fusion Festival have solidified his status as a true luminary of the genre.
Throughout his illustrious career, Daniel Myer has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music, refusing to be confined to one particular style or sound. His insatiable hunger for exploration drives him to continually evolve and experiment with new techniques and genres, concluding in creating soundtracks for video games and movies and releases music on labels such as Groove Attack, Rough Trade, Sonic Groove, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Fleisch, Body Theory, Virgin, Poets Club, Form & Function, Metropolis, Ant-Zen and many, many more.
Cervello Elettronico is the "electric brain" child of industrial techno producer David Christian, who has made a name for himself with numerous international DJ sets and live performances. The project's unique sound is deeply rooted in sample based music and has explored different influences through the years such as EBM, Rhythmic Noise, and more recently Industrial Techno The project's inception in 2004 contributed to a new underground industrial scene that was brewing in New York City. After relocating to the west coat, Cervello Elettronico now maintains a monthly DJ residency at The Lash in Downtown Los Angeles. Several highly praised releases have been put out by Rustblade, Industrial Strength, Blame Rec, and German experimental label HANDS.
DJ Info:
In a Slaughter Brain (Hybrid Set)
In A Slaughter Brain is a (live) project that was born in parallel with the Blame rec labet from the minds of BLEACH (Andrea Massa) and Shadowcomplex (Andrea Simioni). The basis of the project is the attitude of experimenting sound through noise, industrial kick, scream with paranoid synths and lyrics.
Adjust Rain
An enemy of stagnation, Valeria draws from multitudes of experience. Equal appreciation of the peaks and troughs. Beauty made askew. Dark and restrictive surface, baby pink Sanrio interior. Drifting like fluid between the realms of sex work, music, tech, and fashion. No industry or bubble can keep her in its clutches.
Spheric is a DJ, producer and performer in Los Angeles, California. Driven by his intuitive music exploration & selections, he translates his experiential thoughts, emotions and visions of an esoteric future within forgotten worlds. He often has in mind to evoke the same emotions when he first heard cutting edge sounds during the post punk era and the early underground warehouse parties in LA. For over 5 years, Spheric is one of the resident DJs at Distorted Disco in DTLA playing forward-thinking music & broadening the sonic horizons of LA’s scene. Still actively spinning at various underground events, he has played alongside acclaimed acts such as Rhys Fulber, AXKAN, Monya, WarinD, ESA, IV Horsemen, Cervello Elettronico, Sleep Clinic & Veldt.
In 2019, he resumed producing under several unique aliases -Temaut, Sullen Fate, & Ixïan with diverse releases on Venaeform Records, Brutal Forms, Omen Recordings, Obseqvivm Records, & RND.R. He incorporates a hybrid set-up of modular, hardware, and virtual systems to create his own signature palettes of sound. As in his DJing, he prefers a different path less taken with his productions and live performances. In late 2022, Spheric commenced a new imprint out of Los Angeles called Venaeform Records. The vinyl and digital media label will be focusing on aberrations of techno, ebm and other forward thinking electronic genres.

Event Info:
Distorted Disco is a semi regular party in Los Angeles that showcases international talent and local artists who perform and DJ Industrial EBM Techno IDM and Rhythmic Noise.
On May 2nd Distorted Disco will host a record release party for Ryuji Takeuchi's (Japan) career goes back 20 years, with his first releases defining his style as a techno-oriented producer. However, his subsequent artistic development has evolved into a more raw, industrial-influenced sound, and today, we see his artistic persona as closely linked to this sub-genre that combines elements of both musical genres.
Ryuji Takeuchi joins the Blame Rec catalogue alongside other big names we associate directly with the label, such as Katran and Violet Poison. The Japanese artist is an ideal candidate to join the ranks of this Italian label, as both projects have many points in common, especially a musical perspective based on the solidity and oversaturated energy of techno-industrial.
Either/Neither is an EP with two original tracks and three covers. Either is extremely aggressive, fast and with a clear tendency towards distorted textures. Neither is also generated in a hostile environment, although somewhat slower, and with a syncopated rhythmic opening bars that vary sharply to the binary. Hypnoskull creates a version of Either, and Cervello Elettronico and Tomohiko Sagae remix Neither. (Release date: April 12th, 2024)

Event Venue

The Moroccan Lounge, 901 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012-4007, United States,Los Angeles, California

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