Decarbonizing infrastructure projects: Reducing scope 3 emissions

Tue Dec 05 2023 at 09:00 am to 10:30 am

UNOPS hub | Blue zone | Pavilion TA3-165 | Dubai

Decarbonizing infrastructure projects: Reducing scope 3 emissions
A panel of experts will discuss challenges in accounting, tracking, reporting and reducing construction projects scope 3 emissions.
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Infrastructure plays a critical role in development by facilitating economies of scale, reducing costs of trade, and is thus central to specialization and the efficient production and consumption of goods and services.

Despite these benefits, it is responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, estimated at 79 percent of total emissions, with most associated with energy, buildings and transport. These originate from various stages of the infrastructure lifecycle i.e. emissions embodied in infrastructure construction materials, operation of the asset itself; and finally, the use of equipment required for its maintenance and eventual decommissioning. Therefore, future development must be well planned to avoid locking in high emitting infrastructure for decades to come. Scope 3 emissions would include carbon in materials such as cement and steel; the energy required to transport materials and workers to project sites (sometimes from other parts of the world). The embodied carbon from extraction of raw materials, manufacture of the products used in new projects and refurbishments can lead to significant emissions which need to be minimized.

But reducing a company’s scope 3 emissions can be a daunting task.

At COP28, an expert panel will be convened to:
a) Explore the different options for infrastructure scope 3 emissions accounting and tracking
b) Highlight the challenges and solutions in determining infrastructure projects scope 3 boundaries given sometimes extensive supply chains
c) Touch on the different scope 3 reporting standards relevant to infrastructure projects
d) Propose ways to reduce (control) infrastructure projects scope 3 emissions.
- UNOPS Regional Director
- Representative from a engineering or management consultancy
- Representative from a contractor
- Representative from MDB or UN agency or Government
- Simonetta Siligato - Senior Advisor, Programme and Partnerships

If you are attending COP28, please visit us at our pavilion. Otherwise, all events will be streamed via YouTube. Register your virtual or in-person attendance today!

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UNOPS hub | Blue zone | Pavilion TA3-165, Al Wasl Avenue, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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