Cyber Threat and Risk Developer Training

Tue Sep 26 2023 at 09:30 am to 02:00 pm

DiSH Manchester | Manchester

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Cyber Threat and Risk Developer Training
This innovative training course will optimise your approach to security in digital product development.
About this Event

During this half-day programme, you will acquire the knowledge and skills required to take your understanding of cyber threat and risk to the next level. Engage in interactive sessions, practical exercises, and reflective discussions to enable you to successfully learn and apply cyber threat and risk assessment techniques within the context of your own organisation and products.

This course is targeting individuals and teams seeking to enhance their security skills and make meaningful impact within their organisations. For those interested in developing their knowledge and understanding in key areas of cyber security, cyber threat intelligence, and risk assessment, this course offers you access to leading edge approaches developed at Lancaster University. Lancaster University is recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education and Research (ACE-CSR ). With a carefully crafted course outline, we ensure a high-quality learning experience suited to both individual attendees and teams. You will gain a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Introduction to Cyber Threat and Risk

This introductory session equips participants with essential knowledge and methods in cyber threat and risk assessment which will be applied throughout the course. Participants will also be introduced to an innovative new tool, the Cyber Security Proposition Canvas, designed to empower product developers and businesses to analyse and tackle the distinctive challenges associated with cyber threats and risk, all while considering the pains and gains for their organisation.


Phase 1 – Technical Risk Exploration: During this phase, participants will delve into a structured risk assessment method using predefined examples of cyber threats and risks. Through an interactive process, the session will incorporate the utilisation of threat actor and risk cards. This approach stimulates exploration and evaluation of technical risks within the context of a fixed case study product and organisation.


Phase 2 – Business Risk Exploration: Shifting the focus towards business risk, phase 2 builds upon the process introduced in Phase 1. Participants will utilise threat and risk cards to explore and evaluate potential risks specific to the company in the case study.


Phase 3 – Threat Actor Generation: Breaking away from the structured process and case study, this session empowers participants to generate a set of unique threat actors relevant to their own product and context. Through a gamified and interactive process, participants will construct their own unique threat actors, fostering a creative exploration of both technical and business risks. 

Learning Objectives

·    Understand the motivations for security in product development, differentiating between intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

·    Acquire essential knowledge, methods, and analytical tools for cyber threat and risk assessment.

·    Recognise the potential business gains achievable through effective cybersecurity measures.

·    Develop skills in structured risk assessment to analyse technical risks in product development.

·    Evaluate potential business risks within your organisation and consider their impact on various business functions.

·    Apply critical thinking to align business pains, gains, and cybersecurity strategies, proposing appropriate mitigation measures.

·    Foster creative exploration of technical and business risks through gamified and interactive exercises for team implementation.


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DiSH Manchester, Heron House, Manchester, United Kingdom


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