Content Planning with PURPOSE

Thu Jun 02 2022 at 12:30 pm to 02:00 pm

Mortgage Choice Training Rooms | North Adelaide

Tammy's Table by Tammy Edwards
Publisher/HostTammy's Table by Tammy Edwards
Content Planning with PURPOSE
Learn how to leverage your brand's story and create consistent marketing content with purpose, with Natalie Koutsikas of Digitale.
About this Event

When it comes to content for your business, posting on the couch late at night because you forgot throughout the day, does not build a brand.

Content creation is far more than just snapping a pretty picture (though, that does help). There are many digital and offline avenues that require different styles of content to stand out and importantly, connect.

Consistency is key when creating content, which is where a solid strategy comes in. Learn how to leverage your brand's story to know what, where, and when to create… and exactly WHO it’s meant to reach.

In this 90-minute masterclass we will cover building a marketing calendar (across social, emails, blogs and paid), content planning and re-purposing in line with the calendar, making data led decisions and how to keep on top of content creation.

About Natalie Koutsikas

Natalie is the Director at Digitale, a social media and creative agency fuelled by storytelling that connects.

From the days of Myspace Natalie has kept a keen eye on social media trends and their ability to influence behaviours. What makes people tick and what makes them click? When she found herself working in real estate several years back, she harnessed these skills to implement a content marketing & social media strategy which saw her recognised as Adelaide's most influential agent on social media, two years running.

It flowed on to spearheading some of the largest influencer marketing campaigns the state, and actually - the country, has ever seen. This was long before ‘influencer’ was a notable career choice and the Kardashians were trying to convince us skinny tea was the cause of those incomprehensibly small waists. We can eye roll all we want, but hey, they all made millions.

But why should all the glory be reserved for them? With the experience and successes Natalie had gained, she decided to create Digitale. Her aim is, and will always be, to help other business owners see this same online success in a space that can often seem overwhelming.

Digitale's focus on social media and content strategy is the driving force. The emphasis they place on understanding your audience and your why allows them to grow your brand's engagement and build your community, through purpose driven digital content.

Almost by accident, a team grew. It turns out knowledgeable, creative, passionate minds who love to tell a really good story have a way of coming together. So, here we are!

It’s not just about taking pretty pictures. Digitale's strategies are full circle. Once executed, they assess the data and analytics across all your platforms and ensure that everything is working together, as a well oiled machine. This helps them tweak and pivot towards reaching your business goals.

The most exciting thing about working in this industry is that it’s ever changing. For some, that’s intimidating. But for Digitale, it’s a challenge they LOVE facing. They work closely with their clients to push the boundaries and to stand out from the crowd.


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Mortgage Choice Training Rooms, First Floor, North Adelaide, Australia


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