Conscious Business Workshop: Align Your Operations with Your Purpose

Tue May 07 2024 at 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

Online | Vancouver BC | Vancouver

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Conscious Business Workshop:  Align Your Operations with Your Purpose
Create a roadmap for integrating purpose and operations without feeling overwhelmed, even if you already use a traditional planning approach
About this Event


  • 3-Hour LIVE Workshop Dedicated to Your Business Success
  • Hands-on Guidance on Overcoming Daily Overwhelm
  • Class Workbook with the Important Content Slides
  • Purpose to Operations Aligner Plan Template
  • Q&A Opportunities to Get Your Questions Answered
  • Purpose Integration Tools
  • Conscious Meeting Optimizer Step-by-Step Guide
  • Authentic Customer Connection - AI Swipekit

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to fit the round peg of your conscious business into the square hole of traditional business planning?

We’ve been there!

Traditional business planning and operations approaches can feel rigid and empty for conscious business leaders. Yes, that old approach might get things done, but does it keep your business feeling alive and vibrant? Does it feed your soul or support you to fulfill your purpose? Probably not.

Traditional planning doesn’t consider things that matter most to us, like our purpose, people, impact, sustainability, and how we want to feel while we’re doing the work.

So, what’s the secret?

Don’t compromise: align everything you do to your purpose, from top to bottom, all the way down to operations. How? By consistently using a scalable and effective process that keeps purpose front and center.You get to experience this for yourself in this 3-hour hands-on online workshop.

Forget about squeezing into a mold that wasn’t made for conscious businesses.
This workshop is about breaking the mold and building a new foundation that honors the essence of your conscious business and the people it touches.

Join us as we guide you, step by step, through this proven process. We’ll give you the important things to consider when you’re taking a conscious planning approach. If you already use a traditional planning approach, you’ll love this because we leverage the existing tried and true planning principles as the foundation, but we interweave conscious touch points throughout to weave the fabric of purpose into everything.

The difference is that by adding this enhanced awareness, you’ll embed the heartbeat of your purpose and vision into the core of your business, which keeps you and your people feeling more alive and connected when doing your work, ultimately leading to more innovation and success.

Here's what you'll walk away with:

Conscious Business Planning Framework
A conscious business planning alignment process with a 14-day plan to kickstart your journey towards integrating purpose and operation, providing a structured yet flexible, actionable roadmap that aligns your business strategies with your core values and purpose.

Purpose Integration Tools
Tools to seamlessly incorporate your purpose with daily operations, ensuring every task, decision, and strategy resonates with and advances your overarching mission to enhance coherence and motivation across all business activities.

Adaptable Planning Approach
Embrace an approach that embeds within it the awareness that the path to impact is rarely a straight line, that as it emerges it often requires a dance between strategy and operations. It allows you to stay agile and confident while you navigate unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

Energized and Engaged Execution
When the seed of purpose is embedded in every action item, you and your team will find yourselves shifting from drained to energized. Daily operations will be infused with intention and awareness, making every action a step toward fulfillment and success on your terms, fostering a work environment that thrives on passion and purpose.


Bonus #1 - Step-By-Step Guide

Conscious Meeting Optimizer

Total Value: $150

A step-by-step guide to intentionally set meetings up for success and possibly reduce the number of meetings you have!

<h4>Bonus #2 - AI Swipe Kit</h4>

Authentic Customer Connection

Total Value: $150

Customizable AI prompts that create genuine, impactful customer content aligned with your brand values.

Bonus #3 - Daily Practice Audio

Get in the Zone

Total Value: $30

A 5-minute daily practice you can use to take mindful action.

Meet Your Instructors

We aim to unlock the potential of conscious business leaders and their organizations to expand their positive impact in the world. Together, we’ve harnessed our skills to craft strategic and purpose-driven solutions for conscious business owners like you.

<h4>Kymm Nelsen</h4>

With over 25 years of experience, Kymm advises leaders of Fortune 100 companies, universities, and government agencies and specializes in supporting organizational and personal transformation through executive coaching, consulting, and designing strategic training solutions.

<h4>Dianna Bensch</h4>

Dianna has 20 years of global business development experience across tech, sales, marketing, PR, L&D, and event production. She partners with esteemed thought leaders, including world-renowned Hay House and Wiley authors, in transformational leadership, neuroscience, and energy healing.


Don’t let another day pass feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Secure your spot now and join like-minded conscious leaders committed to growth and purpose.


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