Connect in Nature Workshop:Movement~Play~Breath work~Cold Water

Sun Jun 04 2023 at 09:45 am to 11:45 am

Grow Wilder | Bristol

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Connect in Nature Workshop:Movement~Play~Breath work~Cold Water
Come along and join us for two hours of connection with likeminded humans out in nature in a beautiful green space in Frenchay, Bristol
About this Event
In our Connect in Nature classes we will show you how to weave holistic wellness practices of movement, play, breath work and cold water immersion into your every day lives, to help with regulating the pace of modern day busy living.We will be providing you with the tools to be able to tap into your bodies own health optimisation! Our two hour workshops will include:
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Movement and Play:

We are either too sedentary in our day to day lives from sitting for too long at a computer or at a desk in an office job OR stood up or bend over in certain positions for too long in a physical or manual job, which really isn't good for our posture or mobility.

When we are over using or under using the same muscle groups repeatedly it can cause pain, stiffness, lack of mobility and wear & tear on our bodies as we age.

We will guide you through some movement, flow and play practices that will help to open your body up, make movement fun and bringing some ease back into your mobility by relaxing the body and releasing areas of tightness and tension

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Breath work:

Most of us go about our day not really noticing or focusing on the way in which we breathe, because its an automatic response.

But when we are under stress, be it physical or emotional, the way that we breathe changes without us realising and we don't utilise our breathing to its full efficiency. This tells our bodies that we are under even more stress internally, leading our brain to believe that we are in threat and so the stress cycle continues. This type of dysfunctional breathing can lead to feelings of anxiety, poor sleep, dips in energy , lack of concentration and your muscles tiring out more easily and not recovering fully.

You will be led through a guided breath work session where we will teach you how to breathe functionally and then lead you in to a deep guided relaxation session to help balance your nervous system, bringing your body back into a balanced state of calm but also uplifting your mood and reviving your energy!

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Guided Cold Water Immersion:

In this guided cold water immersion experience you will challenge yourself to grow and push yourself outisde of your comfort zone building feelings of resilience, self belief and empowerment!

You will also benefit from the multitude of scientifically backed health benefits that cold water has for your body, such as reducing inflammation, reducing risk of chronic diseases, improving immunity, increased blood flow, balancing your mood and mental health and much more!

You will be guided by us from start to finish and will be encouraged and championed by the rest of the group as you dip together, breaking through barriers of self limiting beliefs!

Tips for leading up to a cold water immersion:

- Build up one to two weeks beforehand by adding a few minutes of cold to the end of your daily shower

-Build up slowly so that your body gradually gets used to it

-Do not allow your ego to push yourself beyond what is comfortable or safe, between 1-5 minutes of exposure is plenty to reap the health benefits

-You do not have to get your head in to the cold water to gain the benefits

-Other ways you can adapt to cold exposure are: wearing less clothing on a brisk walk on a cold or rainy day, dipping your feet or hands into a bowl of cold water, a stream or a lake, washing your face with cold water instead of warm.

- It is not advised to do this for women if you are menstruating, pregnant or have just given birth

-Do not cold water dip if you are ill or recovering from illness or have had a traumatic event involving exposure to water

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Grow Wilder, 181 Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, United Kingdom


GBP 50.00

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