Community Gathering: Journaling + Emotions

Sat May 18 2024 at 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

23 Jln Hitam Manis | Singapore

The Busy Woman Project
Publisher/HostThe Busy Woman Project
Community Gathering: Journaling + Emotions
Let's come together in a cosy setting to deepen your relationship with self and find peace & direction within.
About this Event

Emotion is information.

  • Do you get defensive easily?
  • Do you find yourself having big goals, yet constantly stuck in a cycle of self doubt, leading to procrastination?
  • Are you looking for ways to get in touch with your inner voices to better express yourself?

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our responses lies our growth and freedom.” - Victor E. Frankl

In the ever-changing world of our professional and personal lives, how we manage our emotions and inner landscapes play a pivotal role in navigating these waters for success.

This directly impacts not only our inner peace and wellbeing, but also how we show up in our relationships, as well as as leaders in every aspect of our lives.


1015am-1030am: Connect

1030am-1145am: Journaling + Emotions workshop

1145am onwards: Mingle

We start punctually at 1030am.


Connect with self. Bring along a challenge you are facing and explore this through guided journaling reflections and group facilitated conversations. Learn techniques to process & regulate your emotions + befriend your inner critic.

Connect with others. Find your like-minded tribe who's seeking a safe, supportive space for self-awareness, self-expression & wellbeing .


Jaslyn is Founder & Coach at The Busy Woman Project, empowering Women in Asia to *live well* and *own* their true power. She started her career in investment banking and transitioned to building communities from fitness to finance, women & wellbeing. What they all share is a common theme of supporting others to own their futures. As featured on The Business Times, Tatler Asia. She is also a lululemon legacy ambassador.

Jaslyn is a Co-Active coach, IIN health coach, and holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling from The School of Positive Psychology. She is currently pursuing a Polyvagal-Informed Nervous System Regulation education by Deb Dana.


“Jas is intuitive and spot-on with identifying themes as you share them freely. This really helps to deepen self-awareness and learnings to bring forward. She also meets you where you're at instead of pushing you or pulling you somewhere else you don't want to be. Holding a safe and respectful space for you to connect deeply with yourself."

- Z, 20s, AdTech

"Most coaches are tailored solely for the doers and high achievers who wants to focus on external successes. While I certainly lean toward achievement, Jas' coaching offered so much more. She seamlessly integrated positive psychology and somatic processing into her coaching, creating sessions that were filled with the opportunity to "be with," "sit with," "feel with" and explore. This approach was incredibly nourishing for someone like me, as I needed the space to delve within, to listen to myself, and to be guided in exploring my inner world for the clarity I sought outwardly.”

- E, 30s, Therapist

"Intuitive, authentic, and empathetic, I highly recommend Jas as a coach and trusted advisor for anyone who wants to work on themselves and develop greater self-awareness in their personal/professional life."

- J, 30s, ByteDance

IG: @thebusywomanproject

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*Note: If this may be triggering, please ensure you look after yourself and seek professional support where needed.


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23 Jln Hitam Manis, 23 Jalan Hitam Manis, Singapore, Singapore


SGD 45.00

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