Collaborations in Chemistry

Fri May 03 2024 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Mood Room Gallery / Artlink | Phoenix

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Collaborations in Chemistry
Join us at The Mood Room for a discussion on artistic collaboration with members Cyd Peroni and Nancy Miiller
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Join AZPA member and AZPA Board Member for a presentation on artistic collaboration. The duo will discuss interesting past collaborations, introduce you to current collaborating photographers pushing the boundaries, and share their own new collaborative project on dreams. They’ll talk about the pros and cons of collaboration and give personal insight into their own friendship turned photographic working relationship.

Doors will open 30 minutes before the event which will start at 6:00PM

This event is limited to 25 AZPA Members.

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Top Image: Left, Untitled 2023 © Cyd Peroni and Nancy Miiller. Top Right, Cyd Peroni, Bottom Right, Nancy Miiller. All images are from the artists

About Cyd Peroni

Cyd grew up in rural Ohio surrounded by rolling green hills, farms, and coal mines. There wasn’t much to do there so she daydreamed quite a bit. Cyd did take dance lessons, learned to sew in a 4H club, and took up the flute in grade school. Cyd imagined she would be a writer after she got a letter from “Nancy Drew” author Carolyn Keene. She knew she’d be a photographer when she saw the texture and shapes of a snow-covered tree trunk through the lens of her first camera.

Cyd's greatest artistic influence was my mother Hazel. She found beauty in the simplest things (a W**d bouquet in a hand-blown glass vase) and called Cyd's attention to the little things (the bittersweet growing along the roadside or the feel of textured fabric in her winter coat). Cyd's mother and father Ernest grew as collectors of antique glass and pottery, passing on an appreciation of their craftsmanship and beautiful forms and colors.

Cyd's work is about making sense of life, a sorting out of experiences and attendant emotions. Since life seems so complicated, she's drawn to distilling my images down to essential elements. She tries to give tangibility to those sacred, invisible things that live deep inside her heart (everyone’s heart really) and are often manifested in nature.

The physicality of photographs and the creation of a handmade object are important. Cyd likes touching the paper when she is working, brushing on the chemicals, washing the paper, applying metal leaf or pigments. She likes experimenting with process and materials to find a way that feels right in expressing an emotion or telling a story.

Cyd's photographs are an offering and she hopes that she will leave something behind for someone else that is beautiful and meaningful and lasting, and that we might feel a connection to each other.

About Nancy Miiller

Fine art photographer Nancy Miiller grew up in Rhode Island and began her artistic endeavors early. From painting at age nine to three studies of concentration at Rhode Island College (graphic design, painting, and photography), she grew to love all things creative.

Trained as a graphic designer throughout her professional career, she felt a need to develop a stronger level of fine art photography. This led to further studies and one-on-one mentorships that pushed her talents and cultivated her distinct style.

Nancy is captivated by creating abstract imagery that challenges perceived perception. Her deep desire is to capture and create what our eyes do not see. By using manmade and natural objects as subject matter, mini worlds are created within worlds. She looks to the ephemeral and fleeting moments to challenge the viewer’s own perceptions, begging the question, “Is that real?”

In her most current work, Luminance explores the path of moving through darkness into light as a deeper expression of an inner spiritual journey. This series uses in-camera multiple exposures to convey feelings and emotions which are enhanced by using the gesso print technique. Images are digitally printed on translucent vellum then backed with gesso. The effect adds a luminosity to the printed images that appear to glow from a light within.

For Nancy, the gesso print process transports her back to early childhood where painting was her main source of creative expression. This combination of photography and painting lends a unique quality to her prints.

Nancy has exhibited her work in solo and juried group exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States. In Fall 2022, pieces from the Luminance series has been shown at FotoNostrum, Barcelona, Spain. Honorable mention awards include the 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women and the ND Awards. Her work will be featured in the August 2023 Special Issue of Black & White Magazine and has been featured in October 2021 issue of LensWork. Nancy’s fine art prints are also held in private collections.

Nancy lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her life partner Paul and her Havanese named Henry.



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