Thu Apr 25 2024 at 08:00 pm

24/1 Sukhumvit soi 69, Prakhanong, Wattana, 、Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok 10110 | Bangkok

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Publisher/Hostร้านอาหารโอกินาวา คินโจ Bangkok Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo バンコク沖縄家庭料理&民謡居酒屋金城
Date: 25 April (Thu) 2024
Start: 20:30 Door Open 20:00 Start
Entrance: 300 Bahts (with one beer)
Venue: Livecube (3th floor of Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo, Sukhumvit soi 69)
Contact Line ID : shoheibkk
即興演奏者として各地で活動している日本人ドラマー 石原 雄治、タイのユニークなエレクトロポップデュオ”Stylish Nonsense”の POK として知られているシンセサイザー奏者 Wannarit Pongprayoon、バンコクを中心に活動している即興ギタリスト 瀧 康太 によって2023年末に結成された日タイ混成のトリオバンド。
The band is a mixed Japanese-Thai trio formed at the end of 2023 by Yuji Ishihara, a Japanese drummer active as an improviser, Wannarit Pongprayoon, a synthesizer player known as POK of the unique Thai electro-pop duo "Stylish Nonsense," and Kota Taki, an improvisational guitarist based in Bangkok, formed this mixed Japanese-Thai trio band at the end of 2023.

■ Yuji Ishihara
Born 1986 in Osaka, Yuji Ishihara is a drummer, percussionist and improviser. In 2006, his desire to play freely led him to form the freeform improvising group Featuring Tutan The Khamuns, which played widely in the Kansai area. More recently, his focus is on developing an idiosyncratic style on the drum kit exploring techniques around ideas of scratching, hitting, rolling and repelling. While actively performing with various bands and musicians, he also releases his own solo albums and group project works.
■ Wannarit Pongprayoon a.k.a Pok Stylish Nonsense
Wannarit Pongprayoon (Pok) is a member of Thailand’s legendary electronic duo Stylish Nonsense. With decades of musical experience,They are known for creating improvisational yet captivating tunes using synthesizers and drum pads, bringing spontaneous and energizing sounds to each performance.
Describing the style as “somewhere in between post-punk and vintage electro funk,” Wannarit started by getting together with his bandmate June during school lunch with a shared passion for musical experimentation. Ever since then they have performed together both in Thailand and abroad, as well as co-founded Panda Records, a Bangkok-based record label with the goal of creatively fulfilling artists and audiences.
■ Kota Taki
Guitarist / improviser KOTA TAKI plays non-stop improvised soundscapes using electric guitar and pedal board. The original style is a chaotic mix of all genres, and he rarely plays a set piece of music. To date, Performed more than 3,000 improvisations, with a different performance each time, and is currently based in the Bangkok underground scene.

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24/1 Sukhumvit soi 69, Prakhanong, Wattana, 、Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok 10110, 24/1 สุขุมวิท 3, วัฒนา, กรุงเทพมหานคร, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, ประเทศไทย,Bangkok, Thailand

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