Closing Event | Let's Take Care of Mother Earth | by Veronica Hodges

Fri Oct 06 2023 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Cloud Gallery | Amsterdam

Closing Event | Let's Take Care of Mother Earth | by Veronica Hodges
Join us for an inspiring evening celebrating and raising awareness of the beauty of our planet at the solo exhibition by Veronica Hodges.
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Let's Take Care of Mother Earth | Closing Event of the Solo Exhibition by Veronica Hodges

Date: Fri Okt 6, 2023

Time: 6 - 9 pm

Location: 276 Prinsengracht, 1016 HJ Amsterdam

'Let's Take Care of Mother Earth' is Veronica Hodges' inaugural solo exhibition at Cloud Gallery in Amsterdam. Hodges offers a glimpse into the various captivating worlds that fascinate her, all inspired by nature. "Nature is an incredible force of diversity and beauty; form and color" says Hodges. "One can never get tired of drawing inspiration from the innovations of nature." The exhibition features depictions of jellyfish, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, birds, and more.

The exhibition will run from the 16th of August to the 8th of October with the closing event on the 6th of October.

The artist, Veronica Hodges, is also giving a paper art workshop. Click here for more information:

About the Artist

Veronica Hodges (b. 1972) practices as a paper artist, creating installation works in public spaces. Her practice revolves around crafting large works in which viewers can participate, exceeding the proportions of the human body and thereby challenging the concept of volume. She is interested in reproducing motifs from nature. The paper, with its inherent quality of having a limited lifespan before turning to dust and crumbling, portrays the brevity of our existence on Earth as individuals. The material undergoes eternal transformation, which remains a constant fascination for the artist.

Her profound passion is to convey the theme of sustainability, emphasising how we can better care for Mother Earth and how we, as humans, relate to the utilisation of the Earth's resources. She engages in nature activism that encourages individuals to assume responsibility for their lifestyles, fostering hope for a better future.

“Hope is, for me, a crucial catalyst for change” says the artist.

"Without hope, we cannot develop as humans, and we need so strongly to forgive ourselves, take responsibility for our actions and move into a more mature state of mind, individually and as human spices.

We need to embrace the pains and replace it with love.

We need to mature into awareness and grow with all our less pleasant sides of our selves. We need to act and respect the earth as an organism and not only our personal needs.

We are much more connected than we ever can believe when we are in our individuality.

Being connected makes everyone an important player for practicing love, compassion, and awareness.

It is time to wake up, and we are ready to embrace change to a new level of consciousness for humanity.

Come and join me."

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Cloud Gallery, 276 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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