Chakradance with Kylie ~ Alchemy ~ Crown Chakra - Universal Mind

Fri Oct 18 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm UTC+10:30

The Dock Studios | Port Adelaide

Rebel Heart Journeys
Publisher/HostRebel Heart Journeys
Chakradance with Kylie ~ Alchemy ~ Crown Chakra - Universal Mind
It's time to visit the great hall of knowledge.
About this Event

This month we travel to the Great Hall of Knowledge to plug into the great universal mind.

Betty Shine talks of the Universal Mind as being a great reservoir of thought and knowledge outside our ourselves. It’s like a collection of past minds, of minds strengthened with knowledge, talent and spiritual values.

It’s a source that can be tapped into by anyone wishing to seek knowledge. We can all access it. It’s like connecting our mind with this higher mind. Once we’ve learned how to do this, our lives will start to change. We will become more spiritually guided. Our gifts open up more fully to us. We may discover gifs we didn’t even know we had. Our talents become stronger.

We’ve lost a very natural ability. We are being called to start plugging back in.

Feel supported throughout the process by myself and Archangel Michael.

What to expect:

In our opening ritual, we begin with a mind exercise that will allows us to travel to this Great Hall of Knowledge. In this ritual, we have the opportunity to ask a question about your spiritual evolution. In the dance, we play more with expanding our mind energy. And we dance in the grand hall and become an open dancing vessel to receive the universal mind wisdom.

We then create a mandala to anchor in these magical energies.

After, we will have time for sharing and a closing meditation.

Dancing or art experience isn't needed. Just close your eyes and let the music take you wherever you need to go, that may include sitting or laying down on your mat. You do whatever you feel.

When: Friday 18th October, 2024

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Where: The Dock Studios, Pt Adelaide

What to bring: a bottle of water and something for the sacred alter

What to wear: comfortable clothes to move and sit in

About Alchemy

This 9-part program is an opportunity to transform your struggles into your GOLD so you can live a life you love. Not only can our pains and sufferings become our greatest teachers, but they can also become our greatest gifts for growth and change in our lives.

We also carry suffering that is not even related to our present situations. We may carry ancestral patterns, cords of conditioning, past life contracts and the unhealed wounding of the collective.

These heavy, unhealed energies within us attract more suffering into our lives. We stay stuck in the same patterns and addictive behaviours; we attract in the same health issues and relationship dramas over and over. We get stuck in a life that doesn’t reflect our hopes and dreams.

It’s time for us to clear away the dense energy we’re holding onto. This Chakradance Alchemy program will help you change your vibration. And this is what will set you free. This will bring radical change into your life.

We all experience pain and suffering in our lives. Some of it we have processed and healed, and some we are still holding onto. What we don’t release becomes dense energy that we bury deep in our bodies and in the far corners of our minds.

The dates and themes for the program at The Dock are as follows:

💫 Jan 19 - All 7 Chakras (Intro) 🌟 Feb 16 - All 7 Chakras (Intro) ❤️ Mar 15 - Base - Ancestral Healing 🧡 Apr 19 - Sacral - The Divine Feminine 💛 May 17 - Solar Plexus - The Divine Masculine 🌟 No June class 💚 Jul 19 - Heart - Sacred Union 🩵 Aug 16 - Throat - Vibrational Messages 💙 Sep 13 - Third Eye - Spirit Guides 💜 Oct 18 - Crown - Universal Mind 🌟 Nov 15 - Integration

“This is why alchemy exists," the boy said. "So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold.
That's what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Review from 2023 Chakradance Freedom series:

I’ve been gently transforming over the last few months through an amazing journey of Chakradance with Kylie from Rebel Heart Journeys

It’s been subtle, powerful, easy, spontaneous, deliciously freeing and most importantly, I feel peaceful and pretty darn joyful about who I am…

I’m lucky to have made it to every session from base chakra months ago and making it to throat chakra on Friday.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first booked, but I was blown away by how deeply profound the changes in me were right from night one.

Each session has been uniquely different, but I’ve walked out having uncovered something incredible about myself, and I’m excited about my future ahead.

I’ve deliberately sat with this for the last few months before sharing, because it’s been personal, raw and fantastically beautiful and I didn’t expect it to be soooo damn good, but it is!

I went without any awareness of how Chakradance worked (which is unlike me to not overthink) but something just felt right about it and when I arrived, I felt welcomed, safe and upheld from the beginning.

These last five months have been such a fascinating adventure and having just completed throat, the timing of it all couldn’t be more perfect.

I’ve just been dropping into these monthly sessions and quietly observing myself, the experiences of others and noticing how respectfully Kylie facilitates her sessions.

What I’ve noticed is that everyone feels safe… they express themselves with an understanding that they are being upheld, nurtured and honoured.

I know this is how I feel anyway and it’s because of Kylie’s kindhearted nature that I’ve been able to drop some layers of protection and deep dive into some areas of growth and expansion.

It’s really been a journey of healing, of recognising my light, my purpose and for coming home to more love within myself.

On Friday when we were singing the word love, my voice began quite small but following the urge to turn around and face outwards, I found my voice pounding from my heart outward. How good!

~ Dawn

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The Dock Studios, 9 Timpson Street, Port Adelaide, Australia


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