CEU Executive MBA Moscow Open Day

Wed Jan 26 2022 at 04:30 pm to 05:45 pm UTC+03:00

Advantage Austria Moscow | Moscow

CEU Executive MBA
Publisher/HostCEU Executive MBA
CEU Executive MBA Moscow Open Day
A unique Open Day in Advantage Austria Moscow giving you a taste of THE EMBA FOR THE OPEN WORLD®.
About this Event
  • Join us in Moscow or online to learn about CEU Executive MBA, one of the most vibrantly international, innovative EMBA programs in Europe.
  • Get an overview of our leadership philosophy and commitment to Open Society.
  • Engage with our current students.
  • Get a sense of the in-class experience by engaging with Adam Zawadowski, professor of Finance

Event Agenda

4:30 PM (MSK): Welcome by Thomas Lammel, CEU Executive MBA Senior Program Manager

4:35 PM: Presenting CEU Executive MBA, Thomas Lammel

5:00 PM: Q&A Session with a current CEU Executive MBA participant

5:15 PM: Keynote Speech: "Investing in Bitcoin: A flow to follow or a bubble to burst?" by Adam Zawadowski - Professor of Finance

5:30 PM: General Q&A Session

Event Photos

The Keynote Speaker

Adam Zawadowski is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Business at the Central European University since 2015. Prior to joining CEU, he was an Assistant Professor of Finance at Boston University Questrom School of Business. He has received his MSc from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in engineering-physics, his MA from Central European University in Economics and his PhD from Princeton University in Economics. His primary research interest is in financial frictions, attention allocation, liquidity, credit default swaps, and financial networks.

The EMBA for the Open World

is a modular program for experienced managers designed by Central European University -- a leading American university in Europe, with the campuses in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. is simultaneously accredited in the state of New York, US and Austria. Learn more about the program by visiting our website:


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Advantage Austria Moscow, Starokonyushenny Pereulok 1., Moscow, Russia


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