Carlson Vashaad presents: "Trigger Warning: A Relationship Forum"

Wed Feb 15 2023 at 06:30 pm to 09:05 pm


Vashaad Randolph
Publisher/HostVashaad Randolph
Carlson Vashaad presents: "Trigger Warning: A Relationship Forum" Be sure to attend the conversation! Panelists include @itsteatimewithtori, @cedrichunt2 & @lovechristylea #TriggerWarning #LetsTalkAboutIt
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Be sure to mark your calendars for February 15th to attend “Trigger Warning: a Relationship Forum,” where we will come together as a community to converse about commonly mentioned issues surrounding dating as a millennial.

Topics such as the following will be discussed (but not limited to) :

1. Masculinity / Femininity Identity Issues

2. What conversations are women/men having about the the kind man/woman they are looking for?

3. Discerning between someone who is genuine with intent vs moving off of lust

4. Do we aspire to be married or to simply have a wedding?

5. Dating with baggage (unhealed issues, kid(s), mindset)

& more

February 15th @ 6:30 PM @ THRIVE SOCIAL BAR! Let’s drink & talk about it #TriggerWarning

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THRIVE SOCIAL BAR, 1680 Madison Avenue, Memphis, United States


USD 5.00

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