CAFF 2022 ★ Benny Chan ★ Raging Fire

Sat May 21 2022 at 07:30 pm

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CAFF 2022 \u2605 Benny Chan \u2605 Raging Fire CAFF 2022 ★ Benny Chan ★ Raging Fire

Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse face off in the gripping Hong Kong crime actioner Raging Fire, director Benny Chan's last film before his passing in 2020.
A final testament to Benny Chan's unrivaled ability to deliver action cinema entertainment, Raging Fire is packed with sprawling shoot-outs, edge-of-seat car chases and punishing fight scenes as Donnie Yen races to stop a revenge-bent group of rogue ex-cops led by Nicholas Tse.
★ Donnie also served as action director of the film.
★ Raging Fire's supporting cast also includes Simon Yam in a special appearance.
The police set up a sting operation to catch a drug lord but get ambushed by a mysterious group of heavily armed masked criminals during the raid. By the time Inspector Cheung (Donnie Yen) arrives on the scene of carnage, the police task force led by his longtime friend (Ray Lui) has been wiped out, and the drugs stolen. Cheung's investigation into the killer of his fallen colleagues shockingly leads him to another former colleague, Ngo (Nicholas Tse).
Once a rising star in the force, Ngo was convicted three years ago for his involvement in a deadly incident that implicated his entire squad. Recently released from prison, Ngo and his team are now out for revenge against Cheung and the police force that forsook them.
Ticket Price : 95 kr.

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Empire Bio, Guldbergsgade 29F, Copenhagen, Denmark


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